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– A blog by Rupa Shende – Certified Life Coach & Deep Transformational Coach

About Me

Hi there, I am Rupa and my success strategy coaching is dedicated to supporting you toRupa_1 become the person you most want to be.

Dreaming can get in way of action; Action can take you closer to your Dreams!

I believe that consistent and simple actions have the power to create magic! The key is to design a success strategy, take action and be accountable.

I offer a customized step by step approach for solving problems, creating change and finding a sense of purpose and meaning in your entrepreneurial and personal life. You feel clearer, fearless and confident about your business. The end result is pure joy!

My gift is the ability to break down big complex goals into smaller manageable doable actions and then supporting you to follow through with an action plan. You feel accountable and supported in the entire coaching journey.

I’m interested in partnering with you to find effective solutions to help you create the environment of happiness and manufacture success on your own terms.

Just like little drops of water make an ocean, small steps make a quantum leap and so the name of my company is 1 step 2 LEAP. Every leap begins with a small step and all you have to do is take that first step!

Don’t be shy, take the first step today – let’s have a chat today!

My story…

I don’t have a fancy story to tell …I have a simple one

I haven’t been on thresholds of bankruptcy and then emerged as millionaire – I know this is the kind of story that attracts most attention – Even I like reading these. There is something attractive about underdogs indeed!

My story is simple: I come from a family with a strong educational background with a balance of interest in sports and art…

Until middle school, I was an above average student but not the topper of my class. I had the capacity to finish at top of my class – I knew that inside but I found myself often listening to my peers who said – topping the class was for someone else – I never gave myself a chance.

My turning point in life was when I read the book “The Alchemist” and around that time I was also following Rahul Dravid’s career – I loved the way he took things to the finish with the age old wisdom of slow and steady wins the race. I chose to experiment with my 12th standard Board exams – I set myself a target – broke that target into smaller milestones and kept moving from milestone to milestone – the end result was the Board rank that I wanted!

Since then I have found a simple formula in life. I think of what I want – break that dream into small doable actions and then carry out the action steps. I keep myself accountable every single week.

With this formula I have been able to make “my” dreams come true. I emphasize on “my” here as what sounds like a dream to me might may not to someone else.

If I just pause for a moment and think of all the things I have achieved using this formula – the following list props up:

  • Getting a 12th standard board rank
  • Graduating at top of the class in my Bachelors degree
  • Graduating second in my Masters class
  • Completing CFA
  • Doing the Arengetram and then Bharatnatyam stage shows in Mumbai
  • Getting to work for Morgan Stanley
  • Working in London’s Canary Wharf business district
  • Going to Leh – Ladakh (a self-sponsored trip – the first I took without my family)
  • Buying a plot of land (this was a joint goal with my husband)
  • Volunteering for an NGO to start a business line
  • Building a successful international online coaching business

In all these achievements the most important piece is my support system – my parents, my husband, my family, my teachers, my friends, my bosses, my business coach and ultimately my spiritual mentor!

Today I am ready to take my basic formula of doing things step by step to make a leap and customize it to a formula that resonates and aligns with the business owner in you!


How I Got Into Coaching?

I discovered my passion for coaching while leading my team at Evalueserve. My determination of coaching strengthened during my interactions with different people from across the world when I observed that almost everyone led a stressful life. Stress caused by no life threatening issues but by never ending nagging matters (for instance not getting along with colleagues, poor time management, not believing enough in themselves etc.,) which become a part of our daily life even without we realizing it, ultimately forcing us to join the race of robots doing monotonous work and putting a stop to our creativity and out of box thinking.

I am very clear that coaching and success should not be limited to professionals or CXO levels. I strongly believe that everyone is capable of achieving success, measured differently depending on the various individual roles we play. Engrossed in our daily chores, we often tend to lose focus of the larger goal.

This is where the coach plays a role and helps you to identify the opportunity, find solutions and bring that blueprint into action through small achievable steps.

I am qualified with ACSTH certification offered by ICF and extend my coaching to individuals who have commitment and aspiration to experience the ecstasy of success.

I am also qualified as a Deep Transformation Coach by the Centre of Transformational Coaching.

I empower you to realize your true potential by converting your visions into smaller, more manageable tasks with a free mind and creative approach so as to reach the zenith you dreamt of.

There is no better satisfaction than the Eureka moment you achieve with your will and consistent action!

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