Off late, I have been watching Wagle ki  Duniya episodes and it has given me some fresh perspective on job, life and satisfaction!

Times were simpler then and today you have a 8th std. student complaining I don’t have motivation to go to school – is it that, we have become wiser at recognizing our feelings and know what to label them or, have we become so selfish, that till we have enough reasons we will not act in a particular way?

The quintessential middle class man of the 80’s, Mr. Wagle treated job as a job.

When he came home from work, he would indulge in inquiring about his kids homework, teach his son badminton, have a nice cup of tea, indulge in society activities and so on. His struggles were real and so was his happiness. The objective was clear. It was to perform a job with the skills he had to bring home money and indulge in other activities for getting that “satisfaction” which we all typically yearn.

Satisfaction by definition means fulfillment of one’s wishes, expectations, or needs, or the pleasure derived from this. Mr. Wagle’s job satisfaction perhaps was derived from fulfilling needs first and then indulging in a few pleasurable moments ( a family picnic, buying a saree for Radhika, or bringing home a TV). At work it was only work. Drowned in files, Mr. Wagle did not have much distractions. Tea breaks and lunch time was fixed. No endless chatter with colleagues. He did his work and then went home.

In today’s age we want a job to not only fulfill our needs but also to fulfill our endless desires and expectations as we don’t have time outside of work. This does not allow a job to remain a job. Maybe if we reverted to fixed timings of 9 to 5; it would still allow you to pursue activities which can give you that joy and satisfaction; say a music class, a dance class, a painting class, playing some sport for an hour – the options are endless.

It seems that more than job pressure there seems to be pressure on job to provide us with multiple facets of human needs – money, appreciation, satisfaction, identity, joy, friendships, inspiration, motivation, growth, self-validation, health, relationships, giving back to society and peace!

Imagine all this pressure on a job which was merely designed to pay you a regular salary, get work done, give you some extra perks and benefits for work well done and if you are lucky then grant you intellectual validation!

Perhaps we can take a step towards reducing the pressure on our job. Release that pressure of converting our job into a dream job and start indulging in activities that gives us joy and satisfaction outside of work.

Maybe we can look to achieve satisfaction by engaging in volunteering activities outside of work.

Maybe we can give ourselves a chance to be happy by cooking a meal together with your spouse

Maybe we can indulge time in playing sports…the list is endless.

It is time that we stop suffering under job pressure by putting so much pressure on a job!

Let’s treat a job as a job in the truest sense. Perform our duties and let go of the expectations of satisfaction, validation, appreciation – hang on this sounds like Karma yoga; good no?

Have a great week everyone…