I remember a few years ago I was chatting with my colleagues about career direction, career choices, what needs to be done to grow etc. While all of us were quite lost as to what to do at that point, we were sure of what NOT to do! The clarity of what not to do helps a lot more than the confusion of what to do – This was the starting point of the series. I still remember the excitement I had when I started working on this. Things changed though…

I must admit this series has been the most painful one to complete. The basic A-Z of what not do was always ready in my notebook but the details were not. I had only three full blogs ready when I started publishing the series. I thought I would publish the ready ones and keep writing new ones. Little did I know how circumstances would not be conducive for me to complete the series.

My coaching clients were at full capacity – While this made me happy, it left very little fresh energy for me to put into my writing. I was facing writing fatigue. I will not call it writer’s block as I knew what I wanted to write but simply could not put it in print.  I could not even get to do my regular social media posting. Few sent me messages asking me if I was still in business on life coaching or if I had stopped doing it all together. I had clearly overestimated my capacity to do things single-handedly.

This series truly taught me what not to do! Ha…

Here is the summary of A-Z of what not to do in life!

A – Assume

B – Break Traffic rules

C – Compare apples to oranges

D – Demotivate

E – Exaggerate

F – Fear

G – Gloat

 H – Hoard

I – Interfere

J – Juggle multiple goals

K – Keep Scores

L – Litter

M – Make Haste

N – Neglect yourself

O – Overindulge

P – Participate Half Heartedly

Q – Quit

R – Regret

S – Self-sabotage

T – Tease beyond a limit

U – Uproot a tree

V – View your angle as the only angle

W – Wear clothes that are not your fit

X – Xerox someone else’s class notes

Y – Yearn to be somebody other than you

Z – Zap your own energy

This A-Z of what not do list is out of my experience. I never had a Z ready and by the end of it, it just came naturally to me do NOT ZAP your own energy – it’s not worth it!

I hope you have enjoyed the Instagram posts on the series

I can’t express the happiness I am experiencing from not giving up and keeping at it and taking this to the finish.

Keep watching this space for exciting new articles from Monday 1st October 2018…