It is indeed interesting to see the number of traffic violations one sees in a day. Honking in no honking zones; entering in no entry zones; speaking on the mobile while driving; breaking the red light; parking in no parking zones; not maintaining speed limits; oh well, the list is endless

What is the root cause of these traffic violations? Some say its lack of stiff penalties; some say its lack of adequate administration; some say its lack of efficient infrastructure (the condition of the roads) and some say it’s the result of lack of proper education.

When I look at this, I think there are individual integrity and responsibility issues here as well.

One of the issues is a complete lack of self-discipline and a weak conscience. What do you choose to do when no one’s watching? Will you break the traffic rule or follow it? The honest answer to this question will show the level of integrity one possesses.

In general, there seems to be lack of awareness of how one should treat public spaces. Driving on the road as if one is the sole owner of the road is mere arrogance. There is a strong sense of false entitlement. There is pride in breaking rules instead of following them. There is some inherent pleasure in showing you got away with breaking a rule instead of feeling guilty about the same – I can rack my brains and yet never figure this one out.

Leave on time instead of rushing is common sense that eludes many. The concept of rushing and speeding unnecessarily creates havoc and stress on the road, not only for vehicles but also for pedestrians. I think these days’ pedestrians are at more risk than people in a vehicle. You will find two-wheelers making way on the footpath as if it’s their right.  I don’t think this is lack of education. You will find office goers, college goers – basically, the “educated” lot indulging in this sort of behavior. It’s lack of “moral” education in play here.

What is the point of learning traffic rules if one does not understand why it’s important to follow them? Maybe the license schools need to work out a better system of handing out licenses.

People following the rules feel far more threatened than the ones not following them – should it not be the other way around? Perhaps it’s the case of majority wins. Let us (the ones who obey traffic rules) try to become the majority by not giving in and holding a firm stand. Don’t follow the person who broke the rule; the person breaking the rule should be left alone so that he can get caught.

The irony is that this post may actually not hit the right audience or maybe it has. Maybe under the mask of wealth, social status and education, I have managed to strike a chord with someone who breaks the rule when no is watching. I am willing to take a chance as it is our moral responsibility to commit to NOT breaking the traffic rules and inspire others to follow us.