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It’s very natural for the initial enthusiasm of new resolutions to die within months. In fact, studies suggest that majority revert to their old ways by the month of February. Then comes the summer! Hey, I completely understand that pursuing your goals in hot Indian summer can be painful. One is already dealing with the physical environment; the mental environment indeed goes on a back burner. The inspiration and motivation drain with the perspiration.

We are now in June 2018. If you are feeling the mid-year blues, I am here to tell you that my online coaching has got you covered.

The key thing to remember is at times one does need

  • a fresh perspective,
  • renewed energy,
  • clear strategy
  • and small actionable targets

to make the whole process less overwhelming. Coaching essentially offers that. In addition, coaching enhances self- accountability.

Let’s kick the procrastination, say goodbye to confusion, and welcome clarity, courage, and confidence. Let’s do this TOGETHER.

If you feel you want to end your 2018 on a great note and make it your year, now is the time to shift gears.

Simply reach out to me and set up a no-obligation REBOOT 2018 call.

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1:1 Services* start at as little as INR 3000 per month (USD $50 per month)

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