1step2LEAP has been successfully coaching clients all over the world since February 2016. As I closed in on a 2 year anniversary, I decided to create a 4 part series, describing how each component of my U- ACHIEVE model works to create lasting results for clients.

So far, in Part 1, I gave the background for the model. I then explained how the client is always in the driver’s seat and how active silence is one of the great ways to help the client access his/her own agenda.

In Part 2, I explained how I invest time in helping the client assess where he/she currently is and where he/she truly wants to be.

In Part 3, I explained how the transactional coaching process which relates to the external work done by is the client is structured.

Part 1 and Part 2 are more exploratory in nature and have an element of transformational coaching. Part 3 is more transactional in nature.

In Part 4 of this four-part U-ACHIEVE model series, I will be explaining the coaching process post the target/transformation success has happened.

This part of the model is about the work after the client has finished the coaching work and achieved the desired changes and transformation. It is about celebrating victory and ensuring that victory lasts. A client can actually start feeling overwhelmed with the success he/she has achieved. Here are the last two bits of the U-ACHIEVE model.

V – Victory Celebration:

Every victory deserves a celebration as it brings in a sense of self-belief. As a coach, I cheer my client’s every victory. There is no such thing as a small victory. The client has put in hard work, persevered and come out victorious – whether it was a task such as eating at the same time every day or launching a project within timelines. With every victory comes in a greater sense of achievement and self-belief that if worked on, things do get done.  Some clients do not want to acknowledge their wins. As strange as it may sound, at times for a client winning means they have lost an ego battle and it leaves them raw and vulnerable. Imagine a client who has worked on anger. While he/she has won anger, there is this new feeling of the rawness of not knowing how to sustain this. This brings us to the last bit.

E – Ensure the victory lasts:

There are two types of clients here:

Type 1: As mentioned above, the one that feels vulnerable and raw post deep transformation work. These clients know that they require ongoing support and it’s not the end of coaching just yet for them. The anxiety around ensuring the victory lasts does not allow them to celebrate their victory. Coaching, in this case, is about enabling them to function with their new personality with ease. The work is transformational now as the client is quite thorough with the transactional aspects.

Type 2: These are excited souls. They are so happy with their results that they want to stop coaching and bask in the glory of their results. These run the risk of reverting back to their old behavior. These clients simply need to be encouraged to keep in touch with the coach. The coaching frequency can drop to once a month.

This concludes the Secret Sauce of Success series.  To recap- this is the U-ACHIEVE model followed at 1step2LEAP.

U-ACHIVE model acronym

Message to new coaches, aspiring coaches:

Practicing with real clients will help you discover your own secret sauce. You can equip yourself with as many tools, read as many books and sign up for as many coaching courses but only coaching makes you a better coach.

Message to those who want to sign up for coaching:

Coaching is a tool for those who truly want to work on themselves to achieve the results they want the most. It is not a space where you seek validation of yourself; it is a space where you allow yourself to look at things with a fresh perspective. It is for those who are done with the existing situation and want to consciously create their own way.

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