As a solopreneur or online business owner, it natural to feel lonely at times. We create multiple vision boards, try new marketing techniques, seek collaborative partners, maintain online visibility and manage current workflow. It can get overwhelming indeed! We feel stuck and worry about how to make it all happen.

Most of the coaching articles, podcasts, and self-development books focus on the WHY of things – Let me tell you today, that your WHY is clear enough to get working. The trouble is with the WHAT and more often than not, one confuses the two things.

To make the WHAT clear, I resort to journaling and simply understand my NEXT step to move forward.

Here are 4 steps to know your NEXT best step:

Note down all alternatives:

To know the next step, we have to know our options. Brainstorm on paper versus in the brain. Why do I say that? – When brainstorming without writing, you will often find yourself going back to same thoughts and ideas. In other words, if you have not noted it down, we tend to duplicate our thoughts. Writing on paper forces us to think of different options! We explore new dimensions and fresher ideas when we brainstorm on paper. The first step is to note down all alternatives.

Establish impact:

The next step is to evaluate the options by establishing the impact of the various options listed in step 1. For example, online visibility has long term impact, developing a new online course can have a visible impact in short to medium term etc. The second step is to simply note the impact of all the alternatives – both tangible and intangible.

Xyresic focus on the impact you want

Ok I admit, I searched words with X to get the acronym right. I am thrilled that I found the word I was looking for. Xyresic means – Razor Sharp. Once you have established the impact of every alternative, focus on the impact you want the most in your current situation. The third step is about zeroing in on the impact you want the most and subsequently picking the associated activity.

Target the How & take it to finish

Now that you know exactly what impact you want – Stop thinking about options now.You now know your WHAT. Get into action mode by working out the HOW and execute it. Remember that from now on your focus is on completing the step – you can brainstorm the HOW but no more what and why!

NEXT step

The next best step can at times looks very simple, do not doubt it and simply complete it.

Without the next step it’s impossible to move forward!