As a solopreneur, I have constant flow of ideas and I admit it does get overwhelming at times. My pace of actions does not match my pace of ideas and it can get frustrating.

I found myself frustrated very often when I had started out because I wanted to try out everything at once! My excitement and enthusiasm would end up in frustration. That’s when I began journaling and found that my business improved 1.5 x in revenues and since there has been no looking back. I can’t even put a number on what journaling did for my mental peace.

Here are the 4 ways in which my journal allowed me to TIDY up my thoughts:

 T:  Tabulate thoughts as actions for a clear picture

Not every thought of mine is critical and not every idea needs to be executed right away. Aka not every thought needs to be an action! I am quite a visual person so I love Instagram and flipping through magazines. That gives birth to several thoughts/business ideas which are good to do but not always required to be executed immediately! My journal allowed me to tabulate my thoughts and helps me in indentifying my priorities for the month, week and day.  You can use this spread for your journal as well:

  Must Get Done

Good to Get Done

Purely random & only if time permits


This week


This month


This year


This Life



I: Identify thought patterns

I start my day with simply writing down my thoughts. Some are required to be converted to actions for which I use the table as mentioned above. Then some are purely feelings, wants, doubts, worries, wishes, desires, regrets, dreams, things/people from the past, things/people of the future – you get the drift. My thought pit (as I call it) gives me a chance to understand my own thought patterns. It shows me where I am stuck, what I really want,  what’s bothering me on a daily basis, what I need to let go of, where I need help, where I need advice etc. It brings clarity to what I should be working on.

To give you an example: it took me about three weeks to know the intensity of my regret simply if I woke up late – So now when the alarm rings, it becomes easier for me to simply wake up rather than snooze!

Identifying thought patterns allows me to take appropriate actions.

D: Diminishes disturbance while work

It’s difficult to address all the thoughts when they are floating in your head and at the same time difficult to ignore them. As the cliché goes, it’s not that you are lacking time, but you are getting distracted. There are plenty of distractions today and I do feel that more than anything else, our thoughts can make us go off track very quickly. My journal allows me to dump my thoughts and so throughout the day I am free to simply focus on work at hand. If I find myself scattered, I simply take my journal, write it out and get back to work that needs to be completed! My speed of getting things done has increased, not because I am working fast but simply because I now know what to do when I get clouded with distracting thoughts!

Y: You always find a safe space for your thoughts

I love connecting with people. Let’s face the fact everyone is becoming busier and not everyone has the time to listen to you. Everyone has different schedules and it does become increasingly difficult to find free time together! The best part about writing, it’s accessible to you as and when you need it. At times, I simply jot down on post-its and then stick them in my journal later. Your journal will not judge you for having whatever thoughts you are having and allows you to be completely you! It creates a safe space for you to clear your mind.

Journaling allows you to TIDY up your thoughts indeed!

Tidy up



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