By keeping a journal, I found a place to clear my mind. Can you imagine walking all day with a 25 point business to-do list, 15 new ideas to try out, and 10 point home to-do list?

I found it to be a burden. I simply wanted a place where I could dump all that was in my head so that I could focus on what was at hand and yet not forget what needs to get done.

My journal offers me a place to clear my mind – simply by jotting down all that I have going on in my head, I create more headspace.

Here are the 3 KEY reasons why I like to JOT down things:

J – Jitters of forgetting are reduced

Have we not experienced this – we simply forgot! We knew something had to be done and yet it slipped off our mind! Forgetting is indeed part of human nature. As our lives are becoming increasingly complex, there is always a lot to be done. We are constantly juggling multiple responsibilities. Many a time we individuals are not as scared of the number of things to be done as scared as forgetting an important task. It’s amazing how your boss/wife/mother/professor will remember the one thing you forgot to do. It just casts a negative shadow on the zillion things which you managed to do efficiently. It’s just the way, the world works I guess! Jotting down things puts less stress on memory and the jitters of forgetting are reduced considerably.

O – Offers productive feel

Many of my clients who are in their initial phases of starting on their own and homemakers complain that their days go by rather busy and yet they don’t feel productive.  I admit I don’t get a productive feel on the days I simply doing research, that’s when I started writing it down – My task today is research! At the end of the day, did I perform the task – Yes and so comes the tick mark. That tick mark gives a solid feeling of productivity. Most of our work is virtual but our bodies are physical – The act of physically crossing something off the list indeed gives a sense of accomplishment! Jotting down offers that productive feel – you feel happy!

T – Time management becomes easier

There always is a lot to do.  The sheer volume of to –do thoughts makes us think that there is very little time. Once you transfer your to- do thoughts onto paper, it becomes easier for you to realize that not everything is super critical for the day. It becomes easier to categorize and prioritize tasks once they are on paper. You can manage your time and tasks in an efficient way. Jotting down things surely facilitates better time management!

Jot down


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There are plenty of benefits of simply jotting down things and clearing your mind. The above mentioned are the three key reasons. Feel free to share why you feel jotting down is important. I look forward to your comments.