As an entrepreneur one tends to get hyper focused on their business which is good but there is a fine line between being hyper focused and hyper obsessed.

How to identify that you are hyper obsessed? You will find yourself jumping from one strategy to other just because someone else got your desired results.  Your mail box will be full of free email newsletters. You will find yourself being jealous of someone else’s success. You will often find yourself thinking about how others are creating success versus thinking about how you will create your success.  You tend to become rigid and shut down new ideas. You will stop enjoying or indulging in smaller joys of life and find yourself doubting success, having more negative thoughts and look for ways of self sabotaging your success.

How to put an end to this kind of obsessive behavior? My recommendation is learn something new. When you learn something new, you develop qualities that you can then use in your own business. Sign up for a course to simply learn a new skill. Let me tell you how ADOPTing an attitude for learning something new helps:

A: Allows humility

When you learn something new from an expert, it allows humility. You start seeing others as experts in their field. When you struggle initially to learn something new and compare yourself with an expert, you will have respect for that person. Humility is a great entrepreneurial trait and you can develop that when you learn something new.

D: Develops patience

When you learn something new, you learn a very important lesson:

Do not compare your first day with someone else’s 100th day.

When you learn something new, you learn to develop patience. You understand that once you learn the process and technique of doing something and then practice that more, success is inevitable. All you need is the patience to do something with finesse. This quality of patience comes in handy when you are implementing new business strategies. You develop patience to wait for success versus obsessively running after it.

O: Opens your mind

When you learn something new from an expert, you adopt that expert’s way of doing things. You may have to set your ways aside and embrace a new way of doing something. This results in an open mind. When we are doing just our business, our thinking starts becoming a certain way and rigidity creeps in. This limits our creativity in the long run. To adopt something new, you have to be open to it. Maybe your business can do with a new process but because you have been so used to doing things a certain way, your mind is shut to new possibilities. When you learn something brand new, your mind becomes open to creative thinking. The more you learn new things; the more you learn to operate your brain in different ways!

P: Puts an end to monotony

Learning something new gives you access to new people, more knowledge and new experiences. It also helps you come out of your comfort zone and keeps your brain active. All these benefits put an end to the monotony which sets in when you stop learning new things. A sure way of refreshing yourself is to learn something new.

T: Triggers happiness & confidence

Learning something new leads to personal growth. The satisfaction of acquiring a new skill boosts one’s confidence. You feel happy when you get something right – learning something new will offer that opportunity to feel good.

Adopt a learning attitude

Set aside sometime every week for learning something new. It can be completely non-business related; I would in fact encourage non-business related learning. It’s refreshing for your brain. Learn a new language, practice a sport, learn painting, cooking, knitting, playing an instrument– the list is endless. Learning makes one confident and helps in adapting to new situations. ADOPT an attitude for learning today – learning is refreshing!