You decided to start a business. You are super thrilled with your idea and the idea of freedom. You start researching. First place Google!

OMG! There is so much information out there about how to go about doing business. You get drowned in the six – figure mania, branding, social media marketing, manifesting your wealth, the magic formula for business success etc. etc. Your mail box starts getting flooded with numerous webinars and freebies. Months have passed and you really haven’t started started – you know what I mean.

Signs of misalignment begin when you start overthinking about what you should be doing. These things happen to those who do not align with their business. If you don’t have your strategy truly aligned with you, believe me you will only drown in the pool.

Of course you can hire experts, talk to mentors, hire coaches and have an excellent support team but if you are not willing to be true to you, you will end up feeling dissatisfied and eventually burn out. Your support team is for the “how to do”, “what to do next” and to keep you accountable. Your support team can get you results only if you truly align with your business.

How to know if you are truly ALIGNed with your business? Let’s find out. Here are 5 broad signs to check if you are ALIGned to your business:

A: Aim is owned

You are starting or doing a business because that’s what you want to do, not what your neighbors’ want you to do! Your business should be your aim.  It should not be borrowed from someone else. For that matter any goal you have, should be your own goal. When you completely own your aim and feel its right for you, that’s when you are aligned with your aim. If your aim is borrowed, you will feel like you are chasing something that’s not true to you. The quickest way of checking if your aim is owned or not is : Check your vocabulary does it have more of “I should be” or “I want to”?

L: Love your product/service.

You know you are aligned with your business, when you simply love promoting your product or service. It’s natural and it’s easy. I am not talking about sales methodology, it’s that inner feeling you have, when you speak about your product or service. There are some flamboyant salesmen who do not even believe in the product they sell and there are some who falter with their communication but love what they offer. So first things first – check if you would be a customer to the service or product you offer!

I: Inspires Action

Your business should inspire action. If you are delaying start or going to the next level, in short if you are procrastinating a lot check again if you are truly doing what you love to do. At times you may be required to learn a new skill and do some mundane tasks as well. If your business purpose is aligned with you, you will feel inspired to learn new skills and not feel overwhelmed. You will look forward to getting your hands dirty. You will be ready to do whatever it takes to get into action to move ahead.

G: Great feeling showing up

You know you are doing something aligned when you feel great by simply showing up. You are not worried about the results and sales. You are conscious of your business strategy and yet don’t get burdened if a strategy does not work out. You feel great showing up! You feel great in figuring out how to get what you want.

N: No Nervous swaying

When you are completely aligned with your business, the nervous swaying becomes almost zero. What do I mean by nervous swaying? It means falling for every freebie in the market, having your mail box crowded with newsletters etc. When you are truly aligned with your business you will find yourself focused on getting results. You will not look for magic beans. You will not jump from one free webinar to another. You will not sign up for every program that guarantees six figures. You will have the discipline to follow one strategy and take it to the finish. You trust yourself and your team. You are committed to execute the strategy true to you.

Are you ALIGNed_

When you align with your business, your determination and self confidence propel you to take the right decisions. You are able to filter out the noise in the market. There is no greater feeling than completely being aligned with your business!


When you work in alignment with who you are, it’s not work.
Lisa A. Mininni

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