It can get lonely as a business owner, it can get overwhelming as a business owner. At times over-excitement leaves you exhausted and at times it can simply be too much as a business owner – to handle all these feelings one needs an amazing inner game. Your inner game will determine how you take success and rejection in your stride with comfort. If you find yourself, over – reacting and feeling dejected after a rejection, there are good chances your inner game is not as strong.

Here are 5 things you can do to have an amazing INNER game.

I – Intent connect

One of the basics of doing business is to simply show up – The more you find excuses to not show up, the more there are chances there will be no business to show up for. Just like household chores and the practicalities fizzle out the romance in a relationship, business activities too can get overwhelming and one starts struggling to show up consistently. All entrepreneurs who started their journey started because of a “why” – maybe it was financial independence, time independence, location independence, dream to create employment for others, providing the best service, selling a product that resolves a pain point. This “why”; this “intent” is the core reason why you would want to show up and perform. Like I mentioned, at times business activities can get overwhelming and we get disconnected with our “intent” or the “why”. Make some time everyday to connect with your intent.

N – No is at times more powerful than a Yes

Not all opportunities are equivalent and one must have the courage to say “No” to something that is a misfit with the core strategy. Do due diligence before saying a yes. Value yourself. I was approached by a magazine to write content for free. I had just started that time and I was so excited by the opportunity that someone wants me to write the content – Wo-hoo! I supplied articles on time at times sacrificing my blog schedule and get this I could not circulate my written work in my circle as the magazine put my articles in their paid section. I was disappointed. Their readership was also not great. From that day I put my due diligence in place and became wiser. I acknowledge opportunities and  I am comfortable to say No to something that is not the right fit with my core strategy.

N – Non-compromisable self-care

Often as work increases, and business scales an entrepreneur finds him/her in the state of “I am not as good as I used to be or I don’t get as much done these days or I feel more exhausted than enthusiastic”. The successful entrepreneurs, sport stars, performers, and leaders – all those who are at the top of their game have something in common – they have this non- compromisable self care routine. Some run, some follow a diet, some do yoga, some meditate, some do journaling, some paint, there are multiple options there – It does not have to be too long but it has to be non-compromisable. It should be something that you look forward to and something that allows you to get refreshed physically and mentally. If you don’t have a self care routine yet – today is the day – write down a self care routine you would love to have and simply follow it.

E – Embrace your uniqueness

Comparison is the worst evil. Each one is unique and it’s best to function with that uniqueness. Your product is unique, your service is unique and you are unique! Comparison causes overwhelm and embracing uniqueness leads to comfort and confidence. Entrepreneurship is about sustainability. Until you are comfortable in your skin, it’s going to be difficult to sustain – How long can you wear a mask? You know what’s unique about you, resolve to embrace your uniqueness.

R- Resilience

One of the core components of the inner game is resilience – the ability to bounce back and continuously adjust strategies to changing market conditions and note, even personal life. So many entrepreneurs began their journey with a particular product and ended up selling something completely different – they adjusted to the market conditions, they learnt a new skill if they had to. Many suffered a personal strategy when their business was just kicking off. They did not give up and were resilient in their efforts. One of the simple ways of building resilience is to simply show up every single day.

Working on our Inner work

I hope this article has given you a moment to strengthen your INNER work

Happy business everyone!