Most of us find salesmen/women irritating when they come knocking on our doors.  We don’t like it when we get random sales calls. All these images that salesmen are annoying are so fixed in our head that we don’t like to do sales! We don’t want people to think we are annoying. We don’t want to be unwanted. You know what, the salesman who comes knocking on our door, does not knock only our door! He also ends up knocking on doors of his potential customers and makes sales!

Many business owners I speak to, find one task daunting – SALES

  • It’s scary
  • How can I show off my skills?
  • What if I get rejected?
  • What if I get misunderstood?
  • I love doing my business but I simply can’t sell.
  • What if I sound too salesy?

If you resonate with the above sentences, I am here for you. I understand that Sales can be an unpleasant task. I understand that by definition sales & marketing are different; for the sake of this article, I am using sales & marketing interchangeably at times. Do pardon me for that. I am sure you understand that the spirit of sales is what matters – and that’s essentially what I wish to address today.

Here are 5 things to remember to make you less resistant and get into the spirit of sales.

SStop equating sales with show-off

Sales is not showing off. I agree that there are some salesmen who are over the top; we don’t have to be them! We can be the ones who are not so salesy and yet do the job. The more you equate sales with show-off, there are more chances you create a barrier to even learn the art of selling. The more resistant you are to learn the art of sales, the farther away you are from business revenues.

AAll about communication

Sales is about communicating the value of your product or service. If you don’t communicate the value of your product or service – who will? Even if you rely on word of mouth – it can happen only when the first ever person got convinced about your service. You may have not directly sold to your first customer, but your actions and relations over time communicated your value to that first customer – it was an indirect sale. It was all about communication between you and your customer. Sales is all about how well you communicate – via words, actions & relations

LLet go of perfection & practice more

I have come across many who say; first, they will perfect the art of sales and then start selling. They spend a lot of money on several courses on mastering the art of sales and trying to be perfect and then entering the real world. They want to perfect several aspects of themselves before they can start selling. So here’s the thing – you cannot perfect swimming on the shore – best to do it in the water! Practice and get real-time feedback!

E Energy levels matter

If you are uncomfortable doing sales, it will show! That itself can be a turn-off for your potential customers. If you are overly salesy, it will show! That too can be a turn-off for your potential customers. Energy level matters when you are doing sales – it can’t be too much and it can’t be too low. Furthermore, your energy levels have to be true to you. Can you imagine a person who is normally enthusiastic suddenly being a bit low while selling – you will have doubts right? Imagine a person who is normally soft in conversations suddenly trying too hard while selling a product – a total turn off right? Be observant of the sales you close versus the sales you don’t – Find your optimal energy level.

SSolid relations and engaging conversations

Sales is not all about conversion all the time. It’s about building relations with your customers while communicating the value of your product or service.  Even if the customer does not buy at that time, don’t write him/her off. Be genuine in giving value to your customer and build a solid relation. They say business is all about relations and relations stem from good conversations. Engage in value conversations to build solid relations. They may pass on the information to someone else they know can benefit from the service/product. I have had clients come to me a year after their first initial conversation.

The spirit of Sales

Start treating sales as the art of communicating & standing out so that your ideal clients can easily find you. Happy SALES everyone!

Do let me know your thoughts on the same…