Camera rolling, sound, and ACTION! – The shot is either okayed or re-shot – but you cannot shoot till you say ACTION! Notice that plan for the entire movie is ready but the ACTION is simply for the “current” shot.

How can we create our success stories without taking ACTION? We don’t have to make everything happen all at once but we can surely do it one action step at a time.

The sequence for bringing about a change in business or in general overall life can be written as follows:

Existing Reality – Dream – Goal – Plan – Action –New Reality

Most do very well with dreaming, goal setting, and planning and fail at the last critical stage of “action” – the very last bit which converts our existing reality to a new one.

This is probably because at this stage, we are directly in face of reality and it can go either way – success or failure. If it’s a success yay! And what if it’s a failure? Pondering over this question prevents many from taking that critical step – ACTION. The other thing that stops many from taking action is they picture doing the entire movie in one shot! Movies are shot in scenes – and in the end, all comes together.

If you are struggling to take action, I am here to say let’s do it step by step and make the process less overwhelming. Here are the 6 steps you can do to take ACTION

A – Ascertain your next rational goal

The dream is the end point; your current reality is the starting point. Assessing your current reality accurately will allow you to think rationally about your next real goal.

E.g. If your cup-cakes are currently generating $3000 per month in sales and your dream is $1 million – what would be your rational next goal -$10,000 per month or $75,000 per month? Both targets fine, but both targets will require different thinking, strategy, resources, execution – What suits you today?

It’s not about what you ideally wish to do or ideally should be doing; it is about what you can rationally do next. What aligns with you?

C –  Chart out the details

Once you ascertain the next goal/landmark, chart out the details of the next steps. Get into as much detail as possible. E.g. Instead of saying contact vendors, write down – Sending an email to Mr. ABC to discuss xyz.

T  –  Timelines of the steps

Once the details of your action steps are ready, schedule them on your calendar. If the steps are not scheduled on the calendar, you run the risk of missing out or not doing. For e.g. it is good that you are sending an email to Mr. ABC regarding supplies –when? Schedule it on your calendar.

I  –  Identify potential distractions

This is something I have done on a regular basis, identifying potential distractions. It allows me to have a plan for at least the things I can think of! What can be a distraction that will stop you from sending that email? It could be simply that there are multiple windows/tabs open and you get lost in net surfing – What’s your plan around this? What will you say to yourself? Think of the things in the past that kept you from things that you intended to do. How will you ensure the same does not happen? That is a good starting point.

O –  Oblige what’s on your calendar

You have thought of your next goal, charted out the next action steps, scheduled them on the calendar and even identified the potential distractions and have a workaround them – now what? Well, simply oblige what’s on your calendar – Treat items on your calendar as non- negotiable. Get them done when they pop up. I have seen many individuals play around with their calendar. I used to do the same. The day I started treating my calendar as non-negotiable, I started getting more things done. Success was a flow and not a struggle anymore. I understand that a client may cancel or reschedule, that is fine and one will be flexible for that. Be non-negotiable with things that 100% solely rely on your effort. Once it’s on the calendar, it’s non –negotiable and you simply ought to do it.

N – Note the feedback

The last key is treating everything as feedback and not as success or failure. Once you oblige what’s on the calendar, whatever happens, post that is simply feedback of what’s working for you and what’ not. Keep doing more of what’s working for you and work around what’s not working for you. Note the feedback and alter your next steps accordingly.

Ready to take action_

A Plan without action is merely a goal; a goal without timelines is merely a dream; a dream is merely a new reality distant from the current one. Let’s get into action every day for the magic to unfold and make the dreams our a reality!

Do share your thoughts on this…