Starting your own online business is super exciting & fun – Just imagine you are no longer tied to fixed hours and commute. You don’t have to clock in “x” hours to show that you are good at your work. You don’t have to deal with a manager or a boss who simply refuses to understand you. You don’t have to sell to clients to meet sales targets. You can sip coffee all day. You can give time to your family on demand. You can work from your cozy home in comfy sweatpants.  Work only 10 hours a week and earn a six-figure salary!

The above paragraph can be written only by someone who is not doing an online business.

Many get lured into starting their online business by the claims mentioned above and then find themselves lost, broke and contemplating whether leaving the job was a right decision. Some start finding stark differences between their business plan on paper and business action in reality and begin pondering if they truly have it in them to be a thriving business owner. There are a few who absolutely nail and make the first Para a reality – They are what I call Thriving business owners!

Here’s what can be done to THRIVE in your business –

T – Time Management

If you don’t map your time properly – you could find yourself all over the place. There is always a lot to be done when you are starting on your own – content writing, invoicing, marketing, sales call – If you miss out on mapping your time efficiently you will find time leaking on social media, signing up for all the courses which promise you better lifestyle etc. etc. etc. As a business owner the one free resource you have at your disposal is Time – Invest it wisely!

H – Have to get into Action

A lovely business plan on paper is of no good if it does not convert to reality. There is a saying action speaks louder than words. You can think all that you want; it will go waste if it’s not followed by action. Many love the planning phase – well obviously, as planning creates possibilities and fail to get into action because from where to start? What if your preparation isn’t perfect? Getting into action can feel bit daunting – as it makes you vulnerable to reality – Do it anyway – Action will take you closer to your dream, dreaming can eat into your action time.

R – Rise above sales resistance

If you equate sales with show-off, then being a solopreneur will be tough on you. If you don’t communicate what you offer, how will your clients find you?  I have met many business owners who find doing sales the scariest part of their job. There is an art of doing sales and you only become better with practice. Check yourself today – do you resist sales? If yes, then what’s the worst part about it? How can you overcome that?

I – Inner Strength

Extending on the sales resistance, entrepreneurs require a different mindset. It can get lonely as a business owner, it can get overwhelming as a business owner,  at times over-excitement leaves you exhausted and at times it can simply be too much as a business owner – to handle all these feelings one needs a strong inner game. Your inner game will determine how you take success and rejection in your stride with comfort. If you find yourself, over – reacting and feeling dejected after a rejection, there are good chances your inner game is not as strong.

V – Vow to align with yourself

You don’t have to try every method of creating more clients, sales and doing business that is available in the market. If Facebook makes you uncomfortable and LinkedIn is comfortable stick to that or vice versa. You have to have one which is true to you. If you are not feeling comfortable doing your business, there is some misalignment. Vow to align with your true self. Your business strategy should resonate with you.

E – Embrace Learning

Set aside sometime every week for learning something new. It can be completely non-business related; I would, in fact, encourage non-business related learning. It’s refreshing for your brain. Learn a new language, practice a sport, learn painting, cooking, knitting, playing an instrument– the list is endless. Learning makes one confident and helps in adapting to new situations. Give it a try – learning is refreshing!

Happy business everyone! Let’s THRIVE as a business owner from today…

Let's THRIVE as a solopreneur!

Who am I?

I am a Personal Success Coach for Entrepreneurs and I help reduce business overwhelm ( yes business can get overwhelming) by converting big visions into smaller manageable doable tasks and ensuring follow through so that you feel clearer, fearless and confident as a business owner! Just as little drops of water make the ocean – small steps make a leap – hence the name of my company is 1step2leap!

My clients have a background in fashion, packaging, premium car showrooms & coaching to name a few.

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