Monday – a brand new month begins. It’s also the 5th month of the year.

Let’s pause and ask ourselves, are we on track? Are we working towards our new year resolutions? Are we making concrete progress on our dreams? – or are they slipping away? and we have already declared – I don’t have time for it – Perhaps next year….

W  A   I  T    –    D  O  N  ‘T    G  I  V E    U  P!!!

Do not even think of giving up – Yes, life happens to all of us. We want to achieve certain things and yet keep getting interrupted. It happens to all of us and yet there are those who go with the flow in the true sense.They flow and navigate through – they do not flow away – You know what I mean right??

Just set aside one hour on Sunday and answer these 5 questions before the 5th Month of the year begins – They will help you take that first step

Q1. What would it take for me to MAKE this happen?


Q2. How can I convert my dreams into smaller, more manageable steps?


Q3.What is the PAIN for me of NOT achieving this goal?


Q4.What skills & resources do I already have? What skills & resources do I need to develop?


Q5. How can I make this more fun?


Answer these questions and then simply take your first step to L E A P!



Who am I?
My name is Rupa and I’m a rock star at breaking down big visions into small doable tasks so making dreams true becomes a fun and enjoyable process!!
I help new business owners manufacture success by breaking down big visions into small doable tasks – Just like drops of water make an ocean – small steps make a leap – hence the name of my business 1step2LEAP! Get rid of business overwhelm and embrace joy today!
PS: Even if you are not a business owner currently and have a big vision for yourself – feel free to contact me as the process to manufacture success is highly personalized and customized for you – Simply reach out to me today!
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