Most of us have owned piggy banks where we have stacked away gift money, prize money and some parts of our pocket money. Once we collected our amount of the pre-decided expense, we would go ahead and make the purchase.

That feeling of stashing away – saving when possible and then finally being able to afford the thing we really wanted – what words to use for that feeling? A feeling of independence – a feeling of freedom – a feeling of achievement – it was simply a wow feeling!

kharch untitled 1-2As we grew older the same piggy bank became more sophisticated with mutual funds, real estate, equities, debt, bank FD’s etc – the purpose of savings is multiple – travel, education, kids, home, retirement etc – to each his own!

The underlying principle is the same – keep a part of the present earnings away for a future demand! We are ready to part away with our present earnings as we are anticipating future needs and dreams which are truly important to us.

We are used to accounting our money – but what about time?

Do we actually have a serious look at where our time has gone? Our activities are a good indicator of where our life is headed.

If we keep on engaging our self in routine activities our life will be routine – If we work towards our dreams and passion – guess what?Our life will be our dream life and we simply waste time – days come and go by without much connotation – our life will be unclear and direction less with no purpose

Let’s become wiser and more aware of where our life is headed based on our activity.

Recommended exercise: 3 Jars and some pebbles

  • Have three jars next to your bed
  • Put a stick with the ultimate outcome written to the outcome of putting pebbles in the jar
  • Every night put a pebble in the jar if you feel you have carried out activity related to the jar label
  • You are working towards the outcome of the jar with maximum pebbles

3 jars and some pebbles

This exercise has worked wonders with my clients – They became more aware of their actions and conscious of their time. They ensured they took a small action every day and eventually the last jar was becoming emptier 🙂

They are well on their way to achieve their dreams and if you too are interested in doing the same click here today!

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