If you constantly try to achieve your dreams or goals with will power, you are probably making it difficult for you without you knowing it.

Here’s the secret of working on dream/goal – Simply want it deeply!

Once you want it enough you will be “willing” to make the changes or try something new. If you don’t want the outcome, a strong will power is of no use!

Expressing in 5 sentences why it’s better to function with want power vs. will power

  1. Willpower creates a sense of restriction as you tend to discipline yourself – Want power creates a sense of freedom as you grow yourself.
  2. Willpower tries to accomplish goals with force as typically you don’t own the goal completely – Want power helps accomplish goals with inspiration as you look forward to achieving the goal.
  3. Willpower makes you focus sharply on the process and can make you rigid – Want power keeps your focus on the outcome and allows you to think creatively.
  4. Changes based on will power last till the will power lasts – Changes based on want power are more permanent in nature.
  5. Willpower can make you impatient – Want power improves your patience.

Think what’s better – disciplining yourself not to have fried food or understanding the importance of healthy body so that you automatically want to eat healthier and better?

How do you feel when your boss asks you to improve on a skill for a promotion (ownership of goal with the boss) vs. when you decide to fill in the gaps so that you are fit for a promotion (ownership of goal with you!)

Do you give up on exercise when you are unable to wake up early (you tried but you can’t wake up at 6:00 am so no gym) or do you work creatively (you go for a 30 min regular walk no matter what time you wake up!)

Are you giving up on your dreams simply because you lack willpower (a perfect excuse for not achieving something!) or are you understanding yourself better and evaluating yourself rationally to bring about systematic changes – so that you are on the right track to achieve your dreams?

Where there is a will there is a way, but is there a want behind will?

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