Most people start the process of self-development/improvement with a bang! Some do accomplish the result but many give up. Here are 7 tips to ensure the success of a self-development plan:

1.Intention for a new reality: By definition, development means that a current state or situation ceases to exist. Have a clear intent for a new reality. This will probably mean coming out of your comfort zone – That’s ok! That’s the whole point of self-development – it’s a new you!


2.Rational Expectations vs. Great Expectations: Understand that not all changes will happen overnight.


3.Substitution vs. Elimination: Understand what commitment style works better for you and stick to that. Is it easier for you to stop eating junk food or start eating healthy food? Is it easier for you to stop watching you tube videos or start reading a book


4.Quick wins: Start your day with quick wins to build positive momentum.


5.Miss-takes: Don’t be hard on yourself when you make mistakes. See what you have missed and what you can take away!


6.Monitor results at regular intervals: If you are not getting results reconsider your strategy. While reconsidering your strategy, discriminate between reasons and excuses!


7.Follow a no excuses policy!


Cheers to your success!


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