Is Coaching a Magic Pill? I was asked this in one of my introductory sessions. Here is my reply:

Coaching can create the effect of Magic!

By itself coaching is much like the multivitamin. A multivitamin is a preparation intended to be a dietary supplement with vitamins, dietary minerals, and other nutritional elements. Coaching is much like the dietary supplement:

  1. It works when you need it
  2. Not taking may not stop your life, but taking it will improve your life substantially.

At 1step2LEAP the coaching pill comes with the following key ingredients:

  • Clarity:

We focus on getting crystal clear on what you want or what needs to be done. Clarity ensures the direction of efforts is correct and that you are getting the right things done in order to accomplish your goals.

Side effects of clarity: helps in prioritizing, increases focus, and reduces information overwhelm

  • Courage:

One needs courage to face the mirror and pinpoint what is the core challenge. One’s core challenge may not be weight loss – it could be junk food temptation! It takes courage to admit self damaging habits that we have built over time. It is sometimes nerve wrecking to see our own beliefs as limiting forces. Habits and beliefs become a part of our identity over time and we rarely see these as interfering forces. At 1step2LEAP we enable courage for clients to see the core challenges and help them master their own psychology.

Side effects of courage: boosts the speed of comfort zone exit and opens the mind

  • Confidence:

When you work with your strengths your confidence is naturally high. Why put pressure on yourself when trying to achieve goals? At 1step2LEAP we help clients create their optimal environment so that they can confidently approach their goals. We identify skills gaps that are required to be filled so that a client is functioning with his/her strength. A client feels confident and excited about working on their goals as they know they have it in them to make their dreams a reality!

Side effects of confidence: increases excitement, reduces anxiety and lessens the need to compare with others.

If you wish to enjoy the benefits and side effects of clarity, courage and confidence, sign up for a no cost 30 min discovery session here.