All of us at sometime find ourselves simply stuck in life – we want to move ahead and yet there seems to be no way forward. We want to do something new but are lost for direction. We want to make changes but are unable to leave our comfort zone. We want to fly high and something seems to have chained us to the ground. It happens to all of us – some of us quickly get by this phase but there are many who feel that this is life and not a phase – This post is for them.

If you have been feeling stuck for more than 8 months read on to see how you can get UNSTUCK and love life again!

U – Use SWOT to begin work

A personal SWOT analysis will reveal your core strengths – See how many activities in the day are based on your strengths. If most of your activities involve your weakness, life indeed will look difficult. See how many activities you can start doing based on your strengths. Doing this will set you in action. Think about how you can overcome your weakness – delegating or upgrading your skill.

N – Negativity analysis

Your negative outbursts can at times mislead you to think that certain person/situation is the problem. Use the negativity wisely to analyze and get to the core issue. E.g. is your boss the issue or have you lost interest in your work? Is weight the main issue or your energy levels? Analyze your negativity to distinguish between trigger and reason.

S – Structure your thoughts

When we feel stuck our thoughts are all over and are rarely productive. Set aside 15 minutes a day to think of only productive and positive thoughts. When one is in a rut, positive and productive thoughts do not flow naturally. Attempt to structure your thoughts by setting aside 15 minutes every day. Make conscious efforts just for these 15 minutes – a fair bargain right?

T – Take one step today

One of the biggest mistakes one makes when stuck in an unfavorable situation is trying to fix everything at once! Even if you want to fix everything at once you will still have to do it one thing at a time – so relax – just focus on the smallest step you can take today and stick to that – Celebrate your success for taking that one step!

U- Understand what works for you

No two people are the same! So what worked for your friend may not work for you. Spend some time in understanding your unique patterns of problem solving. See what can be done to start implementing that pattern or has the time come to adopt a new pattern?

C – Collaborate with an expert

Working alone when you are feeling stuck can be difficult. At times the best way to move ahead is by collaborating with an expert. Work with a therapist, counselor, a life coach – whatever your current need or situation dictates. It’s easier to move ahead when you have a sounding board. Sometimes expressing your inner most thoughts with a neutral third party can set you free – your blockages are removed and you find that happy self of yours which knows how to navigate in any situation.

K – Kick ass workout

The simplest thing to do when you are feeling stuck is to find yourself a kickass workout. This is something that you can do without investing a penny – Find videos, apps and get moving. Get the endorphins working for you. A good mood will surely ensure you make constructive efforts to resolve that which is bothering you!


For all those feeling stuck, I do hope this article has given you a starting point to get UNSTUCK.

UNSTUCK is also a special coaching program offered by me. Sharing the testimonial of a client who worked with me and got herself out of the monotony she found herself stuck in.


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