Ganesha festival starts today! For me Ganesha signifies a fresh start! He is the Lord of Beginnings – the first one we offer a prayer to whether it’s a pooja, a school annual function, a marriage or a dance recital – Ganesha to me signifies a beginning.

So what to begin with? The newspapers and websites are filled with life hacks. Everyone is advising to start doing something different to make life easier and better. Even today, I bet all the readers will come across multiple articles related to Ganesha – so what is indeed to be done? Is there anything to be done at all? That’s the readers’ discretion.

All I am going to do is place a Ganesha in my heart – so that even after 10 days when it’s time for the Lord to go the qualities live on forever!

G – Goodness in everyone

Everyone on this earth is special. As kids we learnt this but as we became adults we started to think we are above everyone else. From today let’s commit to see the goodness in everyone and especially in those who we criticize the most! You don’t have to say it out loud but internally appreciate it. Experiment this –internally emphasize on one good quality about every person you interact with.

A – Axe the attachment

Attachments make us hold onto something merely out of habit. These attachments – physical or mental may not be helping our cause and yet we hold on them – purely out of habit. Think of an attachment – physical or mental which you know is not helping your cause – Simply axe it!

N – No to no

Say a NO to no. We have programmed ourselves to say no to anything that is new and outside our knowledge scope. Life begins outside the comfort zone – Next time you say no to something, think if it is a genuine no or simply because it’s outside your comfort zone. If the answer is latter – say NO to no today! Give yourself the opportunity to grow. Think carefully what you are saying NO to – a YES could lead to a life transforming event!

E – Enthusiasm

Imagine being full of energy and enthusiastic everyday! I can hear many saying – oh then it would be boring, drama would disappear! Enthusiasm is often confused with activity. We could be resting and yet be full of enthusiasm. In fact we can get full benefits of rest when we rest enthusiastically. This is bit cryptic but I will let the reader reflect on this one!

S – Start small and make it last

Most of us when we think of “start” we think multifold changes and overnight changes – Let’s be practical from today. When we think of metamorphosis we will think of starting anything as a daunting task. Instead try this – start small and make it last. Think of some “start” you have been postponing for too long. What is the smallest lasting thing you can start doing about it from today? Jump in and start today!

H – Humility

Most people will follow the path of belittling themselves to show that they are humble.

Humility is not thinking less of yourself. It is thinking of yourself less – CS Lewis

This is the best definition of humility I have come across. Humility allows you to accept others point of view without sabotaging the self.  If you wish to develop humility, simply listen to and accept others experiences as their experiences without stating or commenting about your experience in similar situation. When someone shares their knowledge treat it as brand new rather than saying “I know”

A – Attract by being attractive

We seldom listen to our own stories – we love telling the dramas but we don’t hear them. Step back and try to listen to the self story. Does it attract you or do you get repelled? If you cannot attract yourself, chances of attracting an outsider reduces drastically!

Be the change you wish to see in the world – Mahatma Gandhi

Let’s worship this GANESHA in ourGanesha hearts and work on nurturing these qualities for 10 days. When the time comes to part with the Lord, we are strengthened with qualities that help us embark on  new beginnings with clarity, courage and confidence!

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