As a child I used to play badminton every single day – just for fun! However, never did I learn so much from this sport, as much I have, watching the brilliant Olympic matches. Kudos to the Indian contingent!

 Here are the few things these matches have taught me:

  •  Life is only this point forward: We often get pencilcaught in “if we could only undo what we did and start fresh” Each point is fought afresh. You can’t undo points lost but you can certainly win new points. It is better to focus this point forward rather than mull on this point backward!
  • We can control only our shot: We have to play to best of our ability. We cannot live in the hope that the opponent will commit a mistake and we will win. We can only control only that which is in our hands. We have no control over external circumstances or our opponent’s reactions.
  • Every point matters: Little drops make an ocean.Motivation It is very evident in sports how every point matters. We tend to waste days together waiting for the perfect opportunity. We don’t give our 100% everyday and don’t feel each day could be as important. Winning or losing one point can change the momentum of the game – It’s better to give more than 100% everyday in our life !
  • The choice to fight or give up is completely ours.
  • Despite our best efforts we can be outplayed: Kidambi gave his best, but his opponent was simply better. We will be at peace with ourselves when we have given our best and then got outplayed. Heads are high when we simply give our best despite the result! It’s more damaging to lose when we have not given our best.
  • Enjoy – Have fun! This is the key. As long as we enjoy what we are doing we can make things happen for us. The moment we stop enjoying, lose inspiration everything around us collapses.


On that note here’s wishing Sindhu all the very best for her match today!