If on a given day your aim was to accomplish the following:

  1. A glass of water in the morning
  2. 20 min walk in the evening
  3. Paying the phone bill
  4. Doing groceries
  5. Having a nice cup of coffee

And you accomplish all of it – You are successful! By definition you are successful. You aimed to complete certain tasks and you completed them all – it is success!

Success by definition is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

Yet some of us don’t feel successful by accomplishing our own decided tasks. We don’t experience the ecstasy of success we desire. Many of us would want a certificate of accomplishment, we want public acknowledgement for our personal success.

Some of us will post on social media – “Success is completing groceries after a hard day’s work” – wait for 100 likes to start feeling successful. What if you posted and no one liked? What if something difficult for you is routine for someone else? – If you feel successful despite no likes, you have got the definition of success right; if you were to feel low, we need to work on correct goal setting. You achieved something that is difficult for “you” so it is acceptable that “you” feel successful. Others may or may not understand. If “ your” feeling of success lies in getting 100 likes – it is OK – simply work on that rather than trying to route the feeling of success via a different goal.

Don’t let your success slip due to improper goal setting. What gives us feeling of success should be very clear to us. We must understand our objective clearly.

Avoid masking goals by what is ideal. Make them real.

Set your goals according to what you want. Celebrate when you achieve your goals. Be proud of your goals and be happy when you accomplish them. Feel successful. Success does not always mean success in the eyes of public. Be successful in the eyes of you.

Avoid falling into the trap of public measurement for personal success.

If you have not been feeling successful despite working all day we perhaps need to align the three:  activities you do, goals you set and what goals make you feel successful.

To feel successful,simply be your own FAN!


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