In conversations with clients – I hear some of the most amazing one liners that help my personal growth. Today’s blog is a reflection on one such sentence.

“Me: What has stood out for you in the past three weeks?

Client:  I now distinguish between reasons and excuses – that helps me in getting things done!”

When I heard this sentence, it stirred something within me. I started looking at things that I haven’t been able to make desired progress on – signing up for a digital marketing course, setting up a bigger workplace, working on new workbooks and some other things which I choose not to disclose right now. I thought about it and wrote down all the “reasons” as to why the progress was not happening. I was surprised to see that some of the “reasons” were actually rooted in “excuses”. Ergo they were not really reasons but simply excuses.

All I did last week was eliminated 80% of excuses and have found solutions for ~50% of the reasons. I am already a lot closer towards completing my tasks. I feel lighter and charged up.

I will leave you with five step process – you may choose to use whenever you feel you are not making progress:

  1. What is stopping the progress? Make the list
  2. Revisit the list – write down next to each sentence E for excuse; R for reason
  3. Eliminate the excuses
  4. Write an action plan for the reasons
  5. Track your progress

Have a great weekend all!

PS: Here is what I use to distinguish between reason and excuse:

Reason = a cause or explanation that can be backed by data & logic and has a factual nature. A reason will have an external solution!

Excuse = an explanation that is not a reason! An excuse has an internal solution!

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