Ever had a problem in life? It feels like you are dancing on fire, doesn’t it?

A problem is a problem – small or big does not matter. A problem results in unpleasantness in life. It comes in way of our joy. For those who have multiple problems; unpleasantness seems to become a way of life. However some of us deal with problems rather well and experience joy and happiness despite these problems.

As a Life Coach, I have the privilege of talking to people from many walks of life – different age groups, different professions, different stages of personal growth and ambition. All of them face different challenges but have one same goal – Resolve the problem and get to the solution. It is heartening to see when people are ready to face their challenges. Their courage to face fears and bring about changes is truly inspirational for me.

When I sit in my office and analyze clients’ progress – I see a trend, the ones who progress faster are the ones who are able to switch on the AC when the heat is on!

What do I mean by switch on AC?


When it comes to problem solving the ones who ACCEPT their current reality are able to move faster towards the solution. So, then what stops us from accepting our reality? I think there are generally,two things that hinder this acceptance:

  1. Not being in the present moment (rather far away sometimes):Think about it – If you are constantly saying “earlier” it was easy for me to make changes or “earlier” I used to have a lot of energy to deal with similar situations or I “was” a different person; this is not me – you are living in the past. The more you live in the past, the more time you need to change your future as journey to a joyous future, has to pass through the present. The sooner we come to the present, the sooner we get to our desired future.
  2. Lack of ownership of our problems: The more you believe that only external circumstances are responsible for your problems, the lesser chances you will swing into action. After all if you did not create them why should you rectify? When you are unable to own your problems, the chances of repeating them are far more as you will never get to the source. When you own the problems, you will dive deep to make adjustments in your actions to resolve the problem without giving much attention to your environment (and usually when we change our actions our environment does change for the better).

When you ACCEPT your problems and then wish to create a different future, you discover your creative ability to make changes!


Acceptance allows you to start working on the problem, Commitment makes you stick to the solution.

Unless you are COMMITTED to the final result you will not work towards the solution. Lack of commitment is more often than not associated with fear of change. If your problems are going to get solved by a certain action, shouldn’t you be excited about it? Yet, it takes a lot of time for many people get committed to course of solution as it essentially involves bringing about a change. When we resist change, we are resisting solutions and the problems don’t go away.

Example: You want to lose weight. For this you will have to wake up early and exercise. The more you resist to that lifestyle change, the more time it will take for you to lose weight. The day you are committed to weight loss – you will wake up early and exercise!

When we are resisting solutions, our commitment will not be 100%. It is not rocket science that less than 100% commitment will get you less than 100% result.

To increase your commitment levels simply focus on the end result and let the other changes happen. The situations and habits that led to formation of problem are bound to change when we look to resolve the problem. If we fear those, we will never be able to come out of the whirlpool.

Be COMMITTED to the final outcome!


Next time you face a problem, remember to switch on the AC!







Who am I? I am Rupa – You know how people sometimes pursue a profession and then realize they aren’t doing what they really love? Yes, that was me! After being in equity research for 9 years I decided to make a major career change and pursue my passion of helping people take their dreams seriously and get into action. If you know someone who might benefit from my coaching, please invite them to contact me by phone or email. As coaching sessions happen over Skype, geography is not a barrier. Visit www.1step2leap.com for more!