Take your 1 step 2 LEAP today!

Have you ever felt:

“It was easy to finish, it was just the matter of starting”

“I feel good at the gym; it was just the matter of getting to the gym”

“I finished it in lesser time than it took for me to start” – This is definitely something we have experienced as students when we left home- work for Sunday nights!

To bring the blueprint of your goals into action one has to take A LEAP in that direction. The inertia of taking the first step generally comes from the fact that we are not very sure where our LEAP will take us. If we knew by taking A LEAP we will achieve only success – all of us would take one!

A good LEAP will take you closer towards your dreams.

What does A good LEAP look like?



Affirmative Attitude

Having a positive outlook in life allows you to bring constructive changes in life with more ease. A positive attitude makes you better at coping with daily affairs of life and managing stress well. A healthy attitude gives you the strength not to give up when you encounter obstacles. You try to see opportunity in adversity and indulge in out-of-box creative thinking. An affirmative attitude results in increased motivation and energy levels to do things and accomplish goals!

Lucid goals

Clear and well defined goals help you move towards the desired direction quicker. When your goals follow the SMART principle – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time bound, you give yourself a greater chance of accomplishing them. You spend lesser time in trial and error as you have clearly defined your milestones. You are in a position to take a direct route to accomplish your goals when they are lucid. Even Google map is helpful only when you know where you want to go!

Enough time

Goals can be put into action when one has time for them. When you have good time management skills, you incorporate time for the unexpected. This reduces the frustration stemming from uncertainty. An organized approach ensures you spend more time on what matters to you. You give yourself the time to move beyond the daily chores of life and an opportunity to move higher.

Action plan

A clear path will allow you to walk on it with greater courage and confidence. An action plan is necessary for thorough execution. A well defined action plan will have goals broken into smaller milestones. These milestones help you assess not only what needs to be done but also the resources you need and the probable risks. You are able to monitor your forward motion with ease as you know what to do next. Your detailed plan will ensure you turn your dream into a fantastic reality.


Great intensity towards achieving your dreams will drive the commitment to perform, determination to overcome obstacles, and make required changes in life. When you really really want something,you will be willing to put in all the desired efforts to make it happen! You are willing to persevere over obstacles. You feel enthusiastic every day as your passion for your dream energizes you. You give importance to your dreams! If your goals are not creating this excitement – maybe they are not in tune with your passion.

I am sure if your LEAP is characterized by the above, you will be more than ready to take A LEAP in the direction of your dreams!



Who am I? I am Rupa – You know how people sometimes pursue a profession and then realize they aren’t doing what they really love? Yes, that was me! After being in equity research for 9 years I decided to make a major career change and pursue my passion of helping people take their dreams seriously and get into action. If you know someone who might benefit from my coaching, please invite them to contact me by phone or email. As coaching sessions happen over Skype, geography is not a barrier. Visit www.1step2leap.com for more!