Are you overworked?

Are you feeling drained all the time?

Are you desperately waiting for your next vacation?

Do you simply wish to feel fresh?

We lead busy lives. Most of us find ourselves overworked, leaving us tired or exhausted. Chronic tiredness leads to fatigue. When fatigue enters your daily life, it effects your physical and mental well-being making it very difficult, if not impossible, to get things done.

I am not going to address medical fatigue here. This blog is for those who get frequent bouts of tiredness and want to feel fresh. The following small changes will surely help you feel FRESH everyday 🙂 :

F – Fresh fruit & veggies

It’s very common to get attracted to fast food (comfort food) when we are tired. Pizzas, burgers, paani –puri, chaat – yes all of these provide a lovely satiation to the taste buds but unfortunately can bring only temporary relief to a tired body. Fast food takes more effort to digest and have after effects like weight gain. So think about it – are you gaining or losing energy? Fresh fruits and vegetables (in salad form) are vitamin and mineral infusing – giving you that energy boost when you need it the most. Chilled water with slice of lemon or an orange will perk you up instantly. I understand that when you are tired – you can’t make that salad or smoothie! Luckily we have plenty of healthy order-in eating options today. I myself prefer #Worldinabox and #Freshmenu .

R – Relax those muscles – Pamper yourself

When you are tired, muscles start becoming stiff – Back, Neck and Shoulder being the predominantly stressed areas. Your sore muscles don’t fetch you a good night’s sleep. A good massage will reduce pain, induce relaxation and help the body return to equilibrium.

In a tired state you may not feel like going to a Spa (you are too tired to do anything!)- I totally understand as I feel that too. My solution is having a relaxing bath with Puro soaps, body washes and scrubs – I simply love these products. Luxury – at affordable prices! The scents have a soothing effect on the mind and help you sleep better. Give it a try today and feel that freshness!

E – Energy multipliers

Know the activities that multiply your energy and the ones which deplete your energy. A good run or listening to your favorite songs will boost your energy whereas spending time with a person who complaints non – stop depletes your energy. Make wise choices! If you are feeling tired, it is only recommended that you make time for activities that multiply your energy.

S – Stack the electronics away

Stack the mobiles, smartphones, tablets, laptops and computers away for some time. You don’t have to go for a digital detox vacation. You can do it every day for 2 hours. Your mind gets a true opportunity to reboot and freshen up when it is digitally disconnected. Enjoy the screen free time doing something you enjoy. A fresh mind functions better than a tired one!

H – Have a hearty laugh

Laughter is the best medicine! Scientific evidence shows that people who laugh more feel less stressed, sleep better and have better immunity. When you laugh for sustained period of time – you experience higher levels of energy and vitality. It can reduce the “brain fog” – often experienced when one is tired! Call your friends, cousins – anyone who can get you laughing after a tired day!Fresh

I hope these small changes help you feel FRESH everyday!




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