Everyone has experienced a day – where you simply wait for it to end. You can’t deal with it anymore. It’s like – all that can go wrong went wrong. All things that could add to misery kept on happening. The best way to deal with a bad day – Get OVER it!

O: Obsessing over it will not make it better

All of us do this. We keep on repeating how bad the day was. We repeat the incidents which kept making the day worse. We don’t stop there – we also bring the past to the table– It “always” happens this way – the day I want peace I am “always” faced with war on all fronts. We not only obsess about the current bad day, but also recall all the bad days from before. It’s an absolute natural reaction. Our intelligence lets us know that obsessing over it will not make the day better – but we are in a whirlpool with no way out! How to cut this obsession? Try this out: Say two sentences about your bad day – Stop -Listen to one of your favorite songs. Just keep repeating this. Your favorite songs will stir up a positive emotion. You will be able to get over your bad day with positive emotion.

V: Vent it out

Don’t take the day’s frustration to bed. Ensure it’s out of your system. How to vent out frustration – Choose what works for you and for those around you 🙂 . Go for a run; turn on the music and dance; cleaning the vessels; cleaning a shelf of your cupboard; or speaking to a loved one. Release the negativity of the day before you sleep.

E: Even the best have a bad day at office

To err is human. Don’t be too hard on yourself. So you had a bad day at office – everyone does. The best actor has a flop film, the best orator has made a mistake while speaking, the best batsman has got out for zero, the best tennis player has lost a grand slam final, the best businessman has suffered a loss – it’s all part of life. One bad day at office is not what you are all about. Forgive yourself and allow yourself to be human. Often bad days become worse because of our expectations from us. Worth a thought!

R: Realize that tomorrow is a brand new day

This is the master key – people who get this right have more good days than bad ones! Simply realize that tomorrow is a brand new day – Go to bed at peace. Affirm yourself that what happened has happened. No one can change the past. You can only live this point forward. Tomorrow will be a better day – You will choose to have a good day! Sleep with that faith and a smile 🙂Over

Next time you feel you are having a bad day – Choose to get OVER it!



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