It was lovely to see Virat Kohli taking things to the finish in the recent matches against Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Do you start brilliantly on a project and then give up before the job has been done? This is a very common ailment. The beginning of any new project or venture is full of excitement and enthusiasm, but it doesn’t always last. Part of being a successful person is learning how to take things to the finish. Taking things to the finish is a habit that can be developed. I share with you some strategies that can help to become a finisher:


F – Find out when you are likely to quit:

Recall the projects which you started but did not finish. Do you see a pattern as to when you quit? Is it in the middle when the workload is heavy? Is it when you start feeling that, it’s becoming repetitive? The reason for quitting is going to be unique to you. Once you know when you are most likely quit, think of what you can do to avoid quitting. What strategy can you adopt to keep yourself going?

I – Introspect on time spent

We often get caught up in meaningless nitty-gritty’s which make the overall project look rather daunting. This restricts our enthusiasm for taking things to the finish.Are you easily distracted from the big picture? Introspect on the time spent. Is it taking you towards completion of your job or away from it?

N – Note your progress

It is very essential to take a note of your own progress. From white board to getting things on floor is quite a journey. Make a chart, graph or any other visual representation of your work done. When you see and feel progress, you increase your motivation to take things to the finish.

I – Invigorate positive attitude

A positive attitude helps you be in a better mood and you get more done when you are in a better mood. Spend some time to generate positive energy within you. Engage in your hobbies,exercise and eat healthy!

S – Set flexibility in timelines & expectations

Life is dynamic with many moving parts – all of which are not in your control. Timelines and expected results have to be in tune with your current reality. If you stick to rigid timelines you may end up quitting if things have not happened as per your set timelines. Set flexibility! Time lines and expectations have to be continuously adjusted as per the results and progress you achieve.

H – Honor the habit of finishing

Finishing is a habit. Start honoring it. You can start by focusing small day to day tasks that all of us have to do. Fold all the clothes rather than leaving some of them for later. Clean the entire room. Pay all of the bills. Run the full 3 miles you planned to run.

E – Eccentric about the result

Think about how you will feel when you finish the project/task at hand. Think of all the benefits you can get when you finish the job. Don’t quit when the finishing line is in sight – think of how it will feel when you are on the other side! Feel eccentric about the result – that it will keep you motivated to finish the job started.

R – Relish the process at every stage

Each stage offers different challenges and learning. Relish each stage as each stage is unique. Maximize your learning at every stage.

These small tips can help you in finishing future projects. Half-done things are incredibly wasteful. High achievers are finishers. Become a finisher and see the impact it has in your life!