Its cliched but so true! It is also true that when the going gets tough, the toughest thing to do is to become tough. I so understand you! I am totally with you on this one. It at times simply adds to misery when people advise you to do ten different things to come out of the tough situation – they speak what worked for them! Today I share with you, things that can help you become TOUGH:

T – Take some time off to think constructively

The fact that things are becoming overwhelming simply means that your battery is discharged. Take some time off and recharge yourself. Do not run away from the situation and expect a miracle that when you come back, things would have sorted on their own. Take time off to reboot. Wind down, breathe and think (not worry!) how will you work out things. You need to step away from things so that you can think rationally and action when you come back – This does not mean running away!

1386-Cheerful-1024x768O – Ode to Joy

A joyous you will solve problems at a faster rate than a worried you. Do whatever you can in your current capacity to make yourself happy. Listen to your favorite song, go for a run, play a sport, call your friend, call your mom, do some coloring, dance it off, cook, clean – whatever De-stresses you and puts you in a joyous state. Understand that when times are tough the feeling of joy disappears rather quickly – that’s OK. Keep on refueling yourself every two hours, four hours or eight hours as the need may be.

U – Undo self damaging behaviors

Seldom have we felt that stopping self damaging behavior can be a fresh start! 1359-Transform-1024x768A tough situation becomes more daunting when we think of all that we have to “start” doing to make things easy. Spend some time in introspection. You may not necessarily have to start doing something but may have to simply put a stop to self damaging behaviors. For e.g.: You don’t have to “start getting along” with that colleague of yours – You may simply “stop thinking” about that colleague to be in a better mood at workplace!

G – Get a fresh perspective – talk to a Life Coach

This is very important. Sometimes all you need is a fresh perspective and things fall in place. A single session with a Life Coach can bring in that fresh perspective and get you back on track. If you have tried everything so far and are unable to find a solution for your situation – give Life Coaching a shot! Read more on A-B-C of coaching!

H – Hope & Faith – keep it alive!

Hope is the ability to hear melody of the future…Faith is the courage to dance to it today!

Studies and scientific reviews have demonstrated that greater the amount of positive faith that people have, the greater the positive effects on their mental health. Studies have also suggested that hope triggers a virtuous cycle. Hope & Faith do not result in wishful thinking but rather aid constructive thinking. You don’t deny the obstacles but ensure an action plan to combat them. Hope & Faith help you in maintaining a true positive attitude which can help in easing tough situationToughs.!

Next time when you feel that the going is getting tough…

Simply become TOUGH and get going 🙂





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