…you can still BOUNCE back!

Has your 2016 started exactly the way you wanted? If yes then this post is not for you. Has your year begun completely the opposite of the way you pictured? If yes then read on. There is a choice here – BOUNCE back stronger in February or simply sulk and let the remaining 10 months go down the drain. I will not explain the second option much as it more or less involves complaining all day about how nothing is going your way. For the first option you may choose to do the following –

B – Be OK about what has happened

So things have not gone as per your plan – it’s OK,hand-710664__340 no one said that this is a perfect world. Accept whatever has happened in the past 40 days. Leave it behind. Be OK about what has happened so far. The sooner you are OK with what has happened the sooner you will be able to look ahead. Trying to change that which has already happened is a futile exercise. Attempting to better that which has not happened is at least worth a shot!

walking-349991__340O – Opt to walk for 20 mins

Walking releases tension and increases blood circulation. When things are tough, the toughest thing to do is think and feel positive. Simple walking believe it or not can do wonders. It will give you the mental strength to deal with what is happening and an opportunity to rewire your brain to think positively.

 U – Use time wisely and stop worrying

When things are not happening your way, take a step back and invest that time wisely. Don’t waste time worrying but rather use the time wisely. Do whatever you can other than worrying – watch a movie, play the guitar, cook a nice meal, read a book, simply sleep. Indulge in whatever brings a smile. Worrying damages health and puts you in a negative loop. Make a conscious decision to not to worry and do anything and everything but worry. The moment you feel that you are worrying cut the thought and do something constructive. Time spent worrying is time wasted forever!

N – New strategy adoption

Form a new strategy to action all that you wanted. Sometimes tackling a problem with a completely different approach solves it much faster. The new strategy can be as simple as doing nothing and simply giving it time. If something is not working for you, it is time for you to make changes and adopt a brand new strategy to soar high.

C – Conversations help

Talk talk talk – Instead of sulking quietly and conversation-595827__340putting pressure on your heart, have as many conversations as possible. It is very natural to go into a shell when things are not going your way. Speak to people and try and get energy from them. Ask what others do when they go through a situation like yours – A good conversation can pep you up and swing you into action!


E – Enrconnect-20333__340oll with a life coach today

If you want to use a shortcut to get back on track – simply hire a life coach. Why? I don’t say this because I am one but because I simply did the same. My year did not start the way I had planned. Thanks to one session with my life coach friend – I am back in action (within a week:)). Why do it alone when you can have a partner?


Life will always throw its challenges at you. BounceThe choice is yours – sulk or BOUNCE back!