All of us (whether you are an executive, home maker, student or retired person) have felt the following at some time:

  • To-do lists are increasing
  • Mind is cluttered with thoughts
  • You want to do so many things but simply don’t know from where to start
  • The worst of it – You start taking action, an unexpected event happens, your attention is redirected and you start thinking “If only I had started actioning earlier”

In such scenarios “What to do” bothers you more than “How to do?” When you start doing A, you think of B, when you get to B you think of C, when you work on C you feel perhaps completing A first was the correct thing to do. You start feeling drained as you are simply juggling between all thoughts and tasks and getting nowhere.

You feel pulled in multiple directions. You start feeling Lost. Inaction becomes a natural choice as action triggers the loop of thoughts that leave you drained. All you want is getting rid of the pending items. You simply want to clear the clutter!

Let me share with you a CRYSTAL that can used to clear all the clutter

C – Chores 

List out all the chores that you have to sort – Bring them from mind onto paper! Simply list what is draining you, what is hampering your functioning, what is causing discomfort. Write all that you wish to do but are unable to do. Write all your wishes. Write all the things that fall in the category of “How I wish…” Write write write! Don’t analyze what you are writing but simply write it down on paper. You will feel a lot lighter once thoughts move out of your mind and onto the paper.

R – Relief focus

Against each chore simply write how will you complete the chore. What is the best way of doing that chore? Can you delegate it to someone else? Ask around, do your research and figure what is the best method that you can adopt to complete the task at hand. Focus on how will you release yourself from the chore – completing it/delegating it/cancelling it altogether? What will bring relief to you?

Y – Your hands

Many a times the completion of a chore will depend on happening or non happening of an external event. Focus on what is in your hands. Do the best of what is in your hands and leave the rest.

S – Start today

Now that you have your list of chores ready, you know how to finish them and know what is in your hands – start actioning today. There is definitely going to be something on that list which you can do today. Simply do it today – give no excuses to not get going today!

T – Time justice

Give each chore its due time. Stick to the action. Don’t imagine that the to-do list will get cleared in an unrealistic time. Simply be consistent. Don’t get frustrated if the chore is taking more time than anticipated. Focus on completion.

A – Appreciate yourself

Appreciate yourself for making the honest efforts. At regular intervals – Look at what has been accomplished rather than what remains pending.

L – Let go

Let go of all the thoughts that put a brake on your action. The moment you feel you are putting brakes – take a moment to breathe, revisit your action plan, perhaps have a feel good tea or coffee and swing back straight into action. Keep actioning and saying out loud “I let go of all thoughts that stop me from actiCrystalon!”

Next time you feel overwhelmed with chores – use this CRYSTAL to clear the clutter!