end as importantEND



Book stores glutted with 2016 diaries and planners – New Year definitely around the corner! Different colors and sizes, but all welcome the same New Year. New Year’s Eve spirit is that of celebration and hope! Sometimes new beginnings happen only when something has come to an end. Every New Year comes into being with the Old Year ending! Let’s END this year on the right note

Enumerate your personal victories and celebrate:

Certain victories are known only to you – All these personal victories deserve to be celebrated. Maybe only you know – how difficult it was for you to start exercising – but you did it, it was difficult to make time for a new skill – but you did it, it was difficult to make peace with a colleague – but you did it, it was difficult to pursue your passion – but you did it. The world may NOT see your inner struggle but you certainly know your personal victories. List them before 2015 comes to an end and celebrate!

Nurture your sweet memories and celebrate:

Some are great at capturing moments with the right click – on camera or phone while some are just not photo people. The “photo” people tend to have a large visual representation of their sweet memories while the “non-photo” people rely on their memory or their dairies to re- live the sweet memories. These sweet memories are filled with joy and re-living them boosts our feel good factor. Time to have a look at all the memories of 2015 – Some captured in a photo, some in your heart. Spare a moment to cherish these. Celebrate the moments of joy!

Ditch that which does not work for you and celebrate:

We leave our old jobs when we no longer find it satisfactory, we break up with people when relationships are no longer fulfilling, we change our old phones for newer better ones; yet somewhere all of us continue with habits which do not work for us! Why? Take a moment, evaluate internally and resolve to ditch that which does not work for you. Celebrate your freedom!

It is a curtain call for 2015 – Bring it to a lovely END!