have a plan

This is the last blog of the three blog series. By now you:

  1. Have a Vision for 2016
  2. Know how to DEAL with your obstacles

We now create a final action plan to make things happen in 2016! You already know your vision, are aware of your obstacles and know how to deal with them. Taking into account both these factors you should be able to draw a final action plan. The only question now – what should this action plan look like?

Simply put a plan should lead to Action and Not Procrastination. A PLAN leads to action when it has the following elements:



P – Practical Time –lines

Work expands to fill time – It is absolutely essential to attach a time frame to everything. A plan without specific timelines invites procrastination and as a result some tasks may never get completed. Timelines convert daily meaningless activities into a directed action. Hence it is necessary for timelines to be practical for you as Ideal may not be practical. Practical timelines will keep you motivated! Set your timelines today!

L – Lucid milestones

A goal plan should be marked with lucid milestones.1362-Berra-1024x768 Lucid milestones let you know if you are on the right track, how far you have come and plus give you a sense of accomplishment. They allow you to celebrate small victories which are very essential to boost motivation. When there are clear milestones, your energy is focused simply on getting to the next milestone. Milestones allow you to evaluate your progress. This makes the overall goal less daunting as you are simply moving from one milestone to the next. Decide your milestones today!

A – Alternatives for flexibility

Many a times our plans depend on external circumstances. Sometimes they favor us and sometimes they don’t. Our plans should have ample alternatives to give us flexibility to adjust to external circumstances. When you draw alternatives, you are ensuring that you are progressing towards your goal under any circumstance. Often one thinks of alternatives when things are going against the plan; it is as important to accelerate when things are in your favor. Brainstorm your alternatives today!

1371-Patience-1024x768N – Never give up attitude

When you give up inside you don’t action on outside. Enjoying the journey is as important as the destination. If you have practical timelines, track your progress as per the milestones and have an effective approach by going for alternatives as per the situation – success will indeed come to you! Your progress will stop if you give up. Enjoy every moment of your progress towards your goal. Keep going! Never give up from today!

Congratulations! You have now completed all the three steps

  1. You have set a vision
  2. You know how to DEAL with your obstacles and challenges
  3. You have an action PLAN

You are now ready for a rocking 2016!