deal with obstacles

I mentioned in my earlier post “Let’s cheat this time…” that through three posts in December I am going to help you:

  1. Clarify your vision for 2016
  2. Uncover hidden challenges that are sabotaging your success and connect with your strengths to combat them
  3. Become ready for action – set dates, milestones and an action plan

We have worked on clarifying our vision for the past 10 days and I am confident that now we have clear vision for 2016. Our next job is to uncover the hidden challenges that are sabotaging our success and connect with our strengths to combat them.

This is a critical step for our dreams to come true. If we have goals and no obstacles then technically our desired state should be our reality. Once we deal with our obstacles, our goal becomes our reality.

Often dealing with obstacles get associated with negative thinking – I understand your concerns and let me assure you that dealing with obstacles for solutions is positive thinking while dwelling on obstacles with no action plan is frustrating and negative thinking.


By the end of this blog you will know how to deal with your obstacles. Let us begin.

Keep your vision 2016 in front of you and simply write down all the obstacles you can think of. Then use the following framework to DEAL with your obstacles:

Define in Detail

Write the obstacle in detail. Detailed writing often helps us uncover the hidden problem i.e. helps us discover the root cause. Write the obstacle in terms of what you are currently doing rather than what you are not doing. Write from an angle as to how the current activity is becoming a challenge for you. Be honest here – No one is judging you.

Encourage experiments:

Encourage yourself to experiments to overcome the challenge. Once you find your best fit, it will become easy for you to tackle the problem at hand. By calling it an experiment you free yourself from the pressure of success. You will also learn from the experiments that did not lead you to desired path. Against every obstacle write down at least three experiments you can do to overcome it – research what others have done or speak to a mentor to brainstorm. Keep the stock of experiments ready. Encourage experiments based on your strengths to enable a solution for you to achieve your dreams.

Accretive Benefits :

Once you write the challenges and the experiments to be conducted, its1271-Results-1024x768 natural to feel bit overwhelmed. You may feel it’s a lot of work to do. You may even have second thoughts now. Refrain from such thinking. Think of how every experiment can benefit you in other areas of life. Think of the benefits that will come through once you overcome the challenge. Against each of experiment write down the benefits you think will accrue to you. Thinking of benefits will put you in positive frame of mind. Your affirmative attitude results in increased motivation and energy levels to do things and accomplish goals!

Leverage strengths:

All of us have strengths. The key is to leverage our strengths to achieve our goal. Against each experiment write down which strength of yours will be tested. This will show you a picture of what you are truly capable of achieving. Realizing that you have what it takes to do it will propel you even further towards your goal.

To illustrate:

Vision: I want to find a new job before 30th June 2016

Obstacle: I don’t have time:

DEAL example

It is amazing how much we can gain when we choose to DEAL with an obstacle! We stop here today. We now know how to DEAL with our challenges that stand between our current reality and our desired reality.

Before the next blog you should have

  1. Vision for 2016
  2. A plan to DEAL with your obstacles

When we want to deal with obstacles, we uncover hidden challenges that are sabotaging our success and connect with our strengths to combat them. When we have a concrete strategy to DEAL with our obstacles, they no longer hold the power to scare us. Our fear vanishes and we move towards action plan!

Look out for my last post on 20th December – We will create a final action plan to make things happen in 2016!