Make it Happen

Every New Year starts with resolutions fueled with hope & commitment to make them happen. Somewhere the momentum breaks and we are back to square one.

Just think for a minute – What if all your New Year resolutions come true this year! Imagine you lose those extra kilos permanently, you make a career out of your hobby, you get the promotion that you want, you find the dream job, you save for your exotic vacation, your relationships improve, you make more time for yourself or any dream of yours that you wish, comes true!

Just close your eyes and visualize it. Feel it! Believe it!

Cynics will say “Resolutions are meant to be broken!”This lot will also laugh at those who believe New Year resolutions come true.

Dreamers feel “I so love this phase of making resolutions!” This lot loves visualizing New Year resolutions coming true but really never action. They like to live in fantasy land. Some start with big bang but lose momentum sooner or later.

Doers think “I like this but show me a concrete plan!” This lot dreams within their existing capability. They stick to their resolutions quite easily and don’t bother too much about expanding their vision.

This post is for the “go – getters” – who want to try something new and believe that they can achieve anything once they decide to do so! It is for those who believe that investment for fulfilling dreams has immeasurable returns!

Let’s be honest that the first half of January typically goes in getting back to a normal routine post the wedding and holiday season in December. It’s in the third week of Jan when it hits you –“Jan is coming to an end and I have not even started on any of my resolutions!” You know what this is completely normal and hence this year let us do something different.

A year from now you will wish you had started today – Karen Lamb

Let us cheat and be prepared with an action plan in December to implement from January. So that from day 1 we are taking small practical steps towards fulfilling our dreams. We do small things but do them consistently to build momentum. I am someone who swears by the power of consistency!

Through my three posts in December I am going to help you:

  1. Clarify your vision for 2016
  2. Uncover hidden challenges that are sabotaging your success and connect with your strengths to combat them
  3. Become ready for action – set dates, milestones and an action plan

Yes change is difficult but it is rewarding! Keep your eyes on the prize – Living the life of your dreams and success will come easy!

So, for all those who want to fulfill their dreams in 2016, take a notebook and a pen. (You can even do this on your laptop at home or at work or do it on your smart phone)

Step 1: On the first page write down 2016: Year of “Put your name here”

Step 2: Next page: Vision: Simply write down everything that you wish to have in 2016. Just write down whatever comes to your mind. Don’t think about how it will happen. Simply write what you want.

Step 3: Next page: Clarify Vision: Re – write all your wants using the following rules:

  • State the vision in positive: Focus on what you want and not on your needs. Keep the word “No” out of your goal statement

I will not eat fried stuff vs. I will focus on eating healthy

I need a vacation vs. I want to go on a vacation

  • Add specifics: Adding specifics will give you a better chance of success. Remember that adding specifics will also help you set better timelines for yourself. Maybe there is a three year dream in your list – you just need to focus on the specifics for the first year. Getting started should be the focus.

I want to build a successful business vs. I want to test two of my business ideas this year along with my job

I want to go on a vacation somewhere vs. My budget is xxx and I want to visit xxx in the month of xxx

  • Believe that you will achieve: Knowing that you are capable of achieving your goals is necessary for long term change

I want to test two of my business ideas this year along with my job vs. I will test xx business idea in the month of xxx.

My budget is xxx and I want to visit xxx in the month of xxx vs. I will go on a vacation to xxx in the month of xxx within my budget of xxx

Congratulations! You have taken the first step towards a dream 2016. Keep this ready till my next post on 10th December.1315-Winner-1024x768

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You walk away with the following experience:

  1. Get clearer on vision and actionable goals for 2016
  2. Build a 3 stage plan for achieving your goals
  3. Uncover obstacles that are slowing you down
  4. Leave with more energy and motivation to make this happen

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