Let's clean our mind

Slight nip in the air, colorful ‘kandils’ on the streets at night, shops well lit and decorated, sweet shops showcasing their sweets in lovely packaging and people shopping – Diwali is around the corner indeed! I love this time of the year. The festival is preceded by the all important Diwali cleaning.

Diwali cleaning protocol involves giving away old clothes, throwing away all the useless materials at home, tidying up wardrobes and shelves. Each and every corner of the house is cleaned. The house becomes ready to welcome the New Year filled with health and prosperity!

How about this Diwali along with the house we clean our mind to make it ready for success? We start with one room at a time and eventually clean up the entire house – but what to do with the mind? From where to start??? The following can help

Clear the Cache:

Just as we give away our old clothes, throw away all the useless stuff – our mind too needs to be cleansed of thoughts that are not helping us. Just like we clear the cobwebs of the house – the cobwebs of the mind too need to be cleared. Repeated negative thoughts hamper our success – what is the point of holding on to them? Devote one day – simply list out all the thoughts which you know are not helping you. After making the exhaustive list – write at the bottom – I delete these today!

BreakLet go of procrastination:

I mentioned in one of my previous articles that chronic procrastination can negatively impact health, wealth, profession and relationships. There are 5 things you can do to B-R-E-AK the procrastination cycle. For details do read the article: 5 things you can do to combat procrastination

Exercise is a must:

There is plenty of research that has shown how exercise does wonders for the mind along with physical body. Exercise lends a natural energy boost, gives you an opportunity to challenge yourself, lowers stress and tension, and helps in having fun. Exercise thus allows you to improve your feelings of self worth and foster confidence. A fresh mind is capable of thinking big and positive.

Attitude of Gratitude:

Gratitude improves mental, emotional and social well-being. Studies suggest that maintaining a gratitude journal can make you happier and healthier. Note that expressing gratitude does not mean living in a state of denial – Gratitude works when you are truly grateful for something real and you can feel that vibration inside. Gratitude expands capacity to forgive which allows the mind to be free of the past. Gratitude allows us to see the silver lining of the dark cloud. Gratitude aids emotional intelligence which allows us to accept and deal with challenging circumstances.

Nurture your hobbies:

Hobbies like exercise are very important for good health. Hobbies give you a break from your routine responsibilities as well as your routine thinking. Hobbies are welcome short breaks that you can indulge in very regularly. Engaging in hobbies can relieve you of stress, add purpose to life and overall make you a joyous person. Research suggests that gardening and knitting are two of the most effective stress-relieving hobbies. Make a list and engage in a hobby today!Clean

A clean and healthy mind is a foundation for healthy and wealthy life. This Diwali lets CLEAN our minds and make room for a prosperous new year!