burn mental

We often block our success in our mind even before any action. Just imagine if we addressed these blocks – we will be on our highway to success! It is difficult though to let go of these blocks as somewhere these blocks have become our modus operandi. Recognizing and working around the mental blocks that limit our success might be the most important step we can take on our journey to a beautiful life. All of us invest time and energy when we have to increase our physical stamina to run a marathon but we do little for the mind. The time has come – let’s make our mind reach its true potential by clearing the blocks. It is possible!

On this beautiful occasion of Dussehra let’s take a step towards a happier us by burning these limiting blocks!

  1. Self-Doubt:

It is very important to believe that you are capable. Self-doubt limits your ability to take action. Studies have shown that most successful people tend to overestimate their abilities at first and eventually grow to meet their expectations. On the other hand pessimistic people tend to be rather accurate in assessing their skill at a new task but in the long run fall behind as they restrict their ability to grow. Trust yourself and you’ll come out ahead.

  1. Believing your dream is a pipe dream:

If you don’t believe in your dreams you will never get started. It’s advisable to break your big dream into smaller milestones. These smaller milestones will help you feel more confident and drive your motivation.

  1. Don’t believe in getting help – I have to do everything on my own:

This is a rather funny limiting belief. You want to become good at something; you probably even know people who are good at it but will simply not speak to them. There are two reasons why one typically does not do it – either you want to figure everything on your own (time consuming!) or you fear rejection from some of the experts. We often look for shortcuts to success. This is one of them – Seek the experts out and get the help you require. You will not only learn from others’ success but also become wiser from others’ mistakes.

  1. Believing that competition will always be stronger:

Most of us tend to underestimate ourselves and overestimate others. You know what – you may just be giving competition more credit than they deserve. One has to be competitive when in competition – that is to say you want to be more successful than the others. Use the competition to improve yourself. Don’t let competition limit you.

  1. I don’t have required skills:

You don’t need new skills for every endeavor you set out on. While you need formal education to become a brain surgeon; it’s possible you already have the necessary skills required to be successful in other endeavors. You may waste important time if you feel you should learn everything before you set out. Skills are often learnt as you go along. Develop the practice of using your current knowledge to solve new problems. Expand by applying what you already know rather than limit by saying I don’t have the required skill set.

  1. No Time:

Most of us love that fact that we don’t have time. It’s the best way of pacifying ourselves as to why we are not achieving our bigger dreams. “No Time” is one of the most self limiting beliefs. We make time only for that which we think is important. Everyone has 24 hours in a day – yet some achieve brilliance while some are left searching for time. Time management is a skill that anyone can learn. It’s not a talent restricted to few. All we need to do is show some commitment towards this aspect.

  1. No Money:

Successful people have started their journey at every possible point. Some were wealthy while some were poor and had to work multiple jobs just to eat. Creative ideas are the starting point of wealth. There are plenty of people out there who will back a good idea. You can get started without financial resources of your own.

  1. Failure is Bad – I can’t make mistakes:

Many a times we don’t try something because of the thought – “What if I Fail?” To be successful you have to learn to accept failure. Often those who have succeeded in life are the ones who have learnt to accept and manage failure. We have trouble in being wrong. Thomas Edison was wrong 1800 times before he got the light bulb right!

  1. Fear of Success:

People often fear the changes that come with success. There are many positive changes that come with success and we may not always be equipped to deal with such changes. Success will make us come out of our comfort zone. It is never easy leaving a comfort zone. Such thoughts will naturally stop us from becoming successful.

  1. It’s too late to start:

In an age where young entrepreneurs are becoming millionaires; it’s often a daunting task to start something new as we feel we have missed the bus. We feel that the rest have gone ahead. This thought is not necessary restricted to career opportunities. Health is another area where people often think “It’s too late to start something now – I have already done the damage”. Think though – if you live exactly the same way as today where would it take you? Something new and close to your heart is always worth a try!


Many are aware of their mental blocks. Kudos to them for recognizing!!! The most important step is to actively resolve them. Successful people either destroy their mental blocks or learn how to navigate around them. Don’t get stuck at these hurdles – the aim is to cross them – jump over them, bend or go around them!

Happy Dussehra everyone!