Present is a gift

Once upon a time, there were three brothers Past, Present, Future. Everyone used to love to play with them. Most of the people liked Past and Future. Present was ignored by most of them. One day, Health and Wealth – the most popular couple found Present weeping. Present said, “No one likes me, why do I exist?”

Health and Wealth looked at each other and decided that it was time people learnt a lesson. They announced a contest – “Feed one of the three brothers and we will forever stay with you. You can feed only one but all three must survive.”

An old lady, a former queen, went up to Health & 1246-Embrace-1024x768Wealth and said, “I choose to feed Past”.

Health and Wealth replied,” Oh Queen of the Past, we understand you want us very desperately. You love the “Past”. Everything was lovely for you. You were pretty, rich and successful. My dear if you keep on feeding Past, the Present will die and there will be no Future. It’s simply a waste of time. We are sorry but we cannot come with you. “


A prince who was in line to become a King went up to Health & Wealth and said,” I choose to feed Future”.

Health and Wealth replied,” Oh Prince, you will be King in the Future and we understand you want to preserve us. You are in love with the “Future”. You will be King. You will have power and kingdom. If you don’t work on developing your skills in the Present, the Future will be very different from the one you are currently thinking. The Future will remain a dream if you don’t action in the Present. If you keep on feeding Future, the Present will die, the Past will not support and there will be no ability to bring the Future to life. It’s simply a waste of time. We are sorry we cannot come with you”

A hard-working farmer went up to Health & Wealth and said,” I choose to feed Present”

Health and Wealth replied, “Explain yourself”

The Farmer said,” If I feed the Present, the Past will stay as whenever Present is in trouble it can borrow wisdom, lessons or strengths from the Past. The Present gets an opportunity to move on from the failures of Past and better the success of the Past. The Past is not required to be fed. It likes the company of the Present and can stay without being fed. The Present allows me to improve myself. Once I feed Present, he takes care of Future. In fact the way I feed the Present will determine how the Future will turn out. Present gives a part of its feed to the Future and thus nurtures it. Present thus facilitates an opportunity for a fresh Future. Further, Past and Future have to be called on but the Present is always there for you. The Present is a gift!”

Health and Wealth replied,” Brilliant, you are a wise man. GiftOnly the Present requires to be fed. That ensures that Past and Future also stay. Oh wise man – we choose to live with you forever.”

From that day onwards all the people started playing with Present and fed it with love and care. The Past and Future never separated from Present. Health and Wealth always came to live with those who treated Present wisely.

Present is indeed a GIFT. Let’s open it today 🙂