indeed a Virtue

“Patience is not simply the ability to wait – it’s how we behave while we’re waiting.” – Joyce Meyerouble

In an era where things are digitalized and everything seems to be happening at a click or swipe – let’s1241-Ghandi-1024x768 accept that patience as a quality seems to be dying.

Here is an interesting study – Google engineers have discovered that if we are made to wait for 400 milliseconds –the blink of an eye; we respond by searching less or going to a faster website!

Patience is defined as the ability to accept delay, trouble or suffering without becoming angry or upset. When was the last time we were truly patient? Yes we know how to wait – but how are we feeling during that wait?

It is time we visit the benefits of patience.

View a Vision:

Patient people work towards a vision. They are long term thinkers. Patience makes them handle short term swings (both good and bad) with a balanced head. They neither get super excited with small wins nor get overly disheartened my minor setbacks. Their patience makes them propel towards fulfillment of a vision with lesser anxiety. They don’t chase success in haste; they are ready to wait for the success that comes with the accomplishment of set goals.

Irritability Reduced:

Our impatience makes us irritable. A small thing such as waiting at the checkout counter for billing can cause our mood to become sour. Anger and stress are two of the key reasons for lifestyle diseases. Patience helps you remain calm and reduces irritability. Reduced irritability helps maintain better health.

Resent Less Reflect More:

People who practice patience do not lose heart with minor setbacks. They reflect on negative situations with a positive attitude to learn the lesson and get insights. This practice of resenting less and reflecting more helps them achieve their goals. People who resent every setback eventually stop trying and do not achieve their set targets.

Thoughtful decisions:

Any vision – health, relationships, and career will involve sound decision making. Patience enables better decision making as you give yourself ample time to evaluate the pros and cons of any situation. Bad decisions are often rooted in impatience.

Upbeat about taking things to finish:

Patience helps us develop a positive attitude which helps us remain upbeat about taking things to finish. Two people with exact same talent (+ all other things also being same) will reach different levels of success simply due to difference in their patience levels. Patient people are often seen as passive and non-aggressive but they have this ability to take things to the finish. Patience is a fuel that keeps them going no matter what happens. They focus on their efforts and remain unfazed by external circumstances.

Empathy benefits:

Patience brings with it the benefits of empathy. Typically when we are impatient our focus is on us and our pain. There is no recognition or acknowledgment of the second party. Patience however enables us to think about what others may be going through. For e.g., on the eve of a festival when the billing queues are typically longer, if we are impatient our focus is simply on us – when will our billing happen; have to go somewhere else; the cashier seems to be very slow today, why can’t they do it quickly etc. If however, we are patient – we will smile at the cashier and acknowledge that he/she is having a busy work day and wish him/her that the day ends soon for them. Patience increases our ability to empathize. We start understanding other people’s feelings. Empathy results in better relationships with loved ones and peers. It allows us to accept people for who they are. Patience thus gives us access to benefits of empathy as well.


Now that we know the benefits of patience let us develop this VIRTUE 🙂