It does soothe

“No man needs a vacation so much as the man who has just had one.” ― Elbert Hubbard

I am sure 99% of the readers associate with the above line. Lucky are the 1% who actually have a relaxing vacation and get recharged. Idea of relaxation and relaxation techniques are different for everyone. All of us however, do agree that all of us need to relax. In this age of super activity we have lost the meaning of relaxation and quite often associate it with sleeping and watching television.

Relaxation is not lazing around in a lethargic way. Relaxation does not result in dullness. Relaxation results in heightened mental awareness and reduced tension. In this article we shall explore the power of relaxation –

Solitude rejuvenates:

At times being alone is confused with being lonely. You can be alone but not lonely and you can be lonely even if you are not alone – worth a thought!1247-Alone-1024x768

From the time we get up to the time we sleep we are catering to the worldly needs. In this age of mega connectedness; solitude seems to be a lost art. You don’t have to go to the Himalayas every time you need some solace, you can have your own solitude sequence right here in the city wherein you can simply relax – walk, blow bubbles, meditate, cook, read a book, sing, dance or anything that suits you.

This time spent by yourself allows you to relax. It allows you to de clutter your mind. You can appreciate the small things which you never get a chance to even notice. Solitude can be rejuvenation as you experience a feeling of freedom!

Optimize Brain:

Deep relaxation allows you to let go of stuck patterns in your brain. Relaxation enables the brain to reorganize and optimize itself. How many of us have experienced the following? – Struggling with an issue all day – brain storming several solutions and yet unable to find the optimal solution; then go to sleep and the next day the very first solution works! If you want your brain to function at its peak – keep it relaxed. Perpetual stress leads to faster deterioration of brain functions. Relaxing every single day will help slow down the brain’s ageing process and keep it active.

Opportunity to strategize:

Eureka moments are experienced when one is in a relaxed state of mind. A relaxed mind can welcome new thoughts. This gives you an opportunity to strategize be it work, health, finances or relationships. Relaxation allows you to get off the stress wheel and think of something brand new.

Tackle stressful situations with ease:

Relaxation makes you tackle stressful situations with ease. When you learn to be relaxed in any given situation – a stressful situation cannot get the better of you. Relaxed and rejuvenated mind is alert and has the ability to cope with stress far better than a stressed out mind. A relaxed mind is optimistic and can generate positive thoughts even in stressful situations thus enabling one to tackle them with ease!

HeRelaxing activitiesalth improves:

The health benefits of relaxation galore: increased motivation, decreased stress, decreased pain, improved energy, better sleep, better mood, lowered anxiety, reduced fatigue, enhanced productivity and basically a happier self 🙂

Enhances quality of life

Once you are able to invest in a relaxation sequence every day, the desperate need to take a break will disappear. During relaxation process body releases helpful hormones which ultimately help building balance internally improving functioning of the body and the experience of internal calming provides a feeling of happiness. You will be able to enjoy life with a cheer. Relaxation allows you to be in a joyful state and spread the joy to others. Thus, relaxation enhances the quality of life.

Now that we know the power of relaxation, let’s commit to indulge in a relaxation activity every day. SootheMake a list of all the activities you think are relaxing (remember goal of relaxation is alert mental state with reduced tension). Pin it up where you can see it and make it a point to do at least one activity on that list. If you want to experience joy, simply relax as it can soothe you 🙂