Effect of Magic

I asked around “What comes to your mind when I say consistency?”

Here are the responses :

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Consistency is something that is devoid of irregularity whether it’s cake batter without any lumps or performance without any dips. Your consistent actions give you a reputation – can swing both ways good or bad!

Consistency is one of the key ingredients of ‘success as a lifestyle’. The choice is yours if you want to enjoy one-off success or make it a lifestyle.

Isn’t there something magical about successful people? To me, it occurs that they have used the power of consistency –

Makeshift’s effects to Long Lasting results:

All of us are experts at makeshift changes – temporary diets before special occasions, intense studying just one month before the exam, meeting year end targets in the last month, etc. All of us have experienced the results of these actions – effective but not long lasting. Makeshift by definition means temporary. Temporary changes cannot bring in long lasting results. Consistent efforts will bring in long lasting results. Exercising and eating healthy every day will result in sustained good health, working consistently throughout the year will get you a better appraisal –management sees through the latest month’s effort! Being consistent allows you to bring about long lasting results in your life. From a temporary success, you can make success your way of being by simply being consistent!

Action today matters tomorrow:

The biggest hurdle in making consistent efforts is believing that it’s OK to postpone an action to tomorrow.1316-Count-1024x768 Time lost is lost forever. You did not put on weight overnight – and yet we wish to get rid of it overnight; acne did not happen overnight – yet we wish for a miracle; water shortage has not happened overnight – yet we postpone conserving water to a particular day. A consistent performer makes every action count for he/she knows that the real discipline begins right now! Each day brings with it an opportunity for you to step closer towards your ambition – the choice is yours!

Gradual changes do the trick:

A behavioral change will not happen overnight – consistent efforts will eventually bring about a massive change. Think of anger management – a person who is short tempered by nature will not become a patient person overnight – consistent efforts will be required to bring about the change. Gradual changes consistently lead to a grand change. If you ask too much of yourself too soon, chances of you giving up on the challenge are higher. Focus on regular and consistent improvement – you will reach your goal!

Invest discipline in effective habits:

To be consistent at something either you need to have the extra ordinary discipline or make it a habit. An easier way out –Discipline yourself to build effective habits. Once an action is a habit – effort required in doing or not doing something is drastically less than disciplining yourself about the same. E.g. Once you discipline yourself to wake up early – waking up early becomes a habit – You consistently will wake up at a time even without an alarm clock :). Check – are your consistent behaviors helping or harming you?

Compounding effect:

Basic mathematics tells us that compound interest makes more money than simple interest.1303-Mandino-1024x768 Consistency has that compounding effect. Think of something as simple as your teeth – they are not clean because you brushed them for 30 minutes straight one day – they are clean because you brushed them correctly for 3 minutes every day for 3000 days (or even more!). Great sportsmen became great because of their consistent efforts. You may not see the effects of yoga after one day – Experience the results after doing it regularly for 200 days – the results you have will be better than that what you set out for – it’s the compounding effect!

At the end of the day what you do once in a while will not significantly impact your life. It’s what you do consistently that matters. Reflect today – if you lived exactly the same way as today for the coming 10-15 years what will it yield? If you exercise you will be healthy; if you just slightly overeat every day you will become overweight; if you are doing something every day to move closer to your dream it will become a reality 🙂


Use the power of consistency to get what you want – it has the effect of MAGIC!