Simply Impress

All of us want to excel in what we do. More importantly we want to be noticed and appreciated for our efforts and work. We want to stand out in the crowd. I would like to share seven things you can do to stand out in your workplace:

Interact well:

Think of the most popular person in your office – what is the first thing that strikes you about this person? It’s probably the way he/she interacts with everybody. They comfortably interact with everyone, even people who are shy and introverted. They not only interact positively with senior management and colleagues, but also share a good rapport with the support staff like pantry boys and security guards. The secret to interacting well with people is talking about things that are relevant to them. Interacting well does not call for flattery, it calls for genuine interest in the conversation. It calls for respecting others.People who unduly flatter others and are rude also stand out – not for the right reasons though.

Manage stress well:

If your workplace is very demanding and the word “stress” is one of the most common words used on your floor then the way to stand out in the crowd would be to demonstrate your ability to handle stress. When others start panicking, instead of joining them, remain calm. It will show that you are capable of completing tasks no matter what the situation. Think of when you have a pressing deadline who would you prefer to be around? – A person who is calm and positive or a person who is panicking and only focusing on the fact that the time is less? Senior management will definitely notice if you are able to complete the task with a cool attitude despite several things hampering your progress. The ability to manage stress well will open up leadership opportunities for you as well.

Proactiveness counts:

From time to time demonstrate your willingness to take up more – Make yourself available for the big project or initiatives that are coming up in your firm. Actively show your interest to go beyond your duties. The more proactive your conversation with your managers is,more the likelihood of expansion of your work dimensions. By being proactive in your approach, you will be able to demonstrate your hidden talent. When you walk into the managers cabin with your list of problems –“proactively” suggest solutions as well. This is something that managers dig in their employees – how proactive is the employee when it comes to problem solving?

Reach out for help:

Reach out for help to better your own performance. If you know that a certain project is going to run into delays, flag that and get help. Assessing a situation correctly and reaching out for help in time will demonstrate good judgement on your part. Reaching out for help also shows that you acknowledge someone else’s expertise in a particular area. It will make that person wanted and appreciated as well.

Extend help:

Don’t sit tight on your expertise and experience – offer help to others. If you see that your colleagues are struggling with some tasks, offer guidance. Sometimes offering help can also be accomplished by putting them in touch with the person who will be able to solve their issue. Let your juniors leverage your experience and not make the same mistakes as you. Be open to sharing experiences and offering help when required. This will bring out the leader in you.

Stay focussed:

No matter what interruptions you face during your day remain focussed to get the job done. Remaining focussed on work despite stressful/joyous situations (at office or home) demonstrates your passion for your work. Attention to details is a sought after quality at workplace. Staying focussed on your work and not getting distracted certainly does not go unnoticed by your managers.

Steer clear of bad work habits:

There are plenty of bad work habits: not meeting deadlines, being late, engaging in office gossip, being rude to your colleagues when you are personally in a rough patch, spreading negativity about workplace, arguing rather than discussing, not having a work life balance, having excessive caffeine etc. All these bad work habits will not help you in excel at work place. Simply choose to steer clear of them.

I hope you enjoyed reading the article and Impressare now all set to IMPRESS at work 🙂