Simply Break it

All of us at some point have got stuck in procrastination rut.what is procastination I remember the days when I would spend far more time in making my study time table – re adjusting it – waiting for a proper ‘o clock number – who starts studying at 2:54 pm? 3:00 pm is a nice round figure! Not that I ever achieved anything significant in those six minutes, yet postponing gave me satisfaction. We keep putting things off to sometime later. We also recognize that we are procrastinating but are unable to do anything about it. Procrastination is a vicious circle – it’s addictive. Its gives us false hope that we will be able to do things that we are postponing today far more efficiently tomorrow. Chronic procrastination can negatively impact health, wealth, profession and relationships. On that note,I would like to share five things you can do to combat procrastination.

Begin small:

Procrastination will typically happen when the task comes across as huge. We don’t want to start on it as we don’t know where to start, we feel it will take up all our time or we feel no point doing it as we are not going to be able to finish it. When you face such tasks, the easiest thing is to break it down into small tasks and simply focus on one small thing at a time. Breaking down tasks will motivate you to start as well as finish. Classic task – cleaning the house; Begin small – One room at a time.

Root Cause Eradication:Problem vs Solution

Try to find out what is the real reason for you putting off something and then work on that. There are many reasons why we procrastinate. We might as well work on the solution rather than thinking on the problem. Find the best fit solution for your root cause. Don’t let the root cause take over. Eradicate it today!

Eliminate distractions:

Observe all that comes in the way when you decide to work on something – Phone calls, what’s app, door bell, Internet surfing, watching TV, social networking, hunger pangs, a discouraging person – to each his own. Don’t have to give up on all these distractions forever – just eliminate them temporarily. Observe and check how much time you give the things that are keeping you from the task at hand. Divert that time to completing the task. Post the task you can spend more time with the (dis)attractions!

Avoid excuses:

Let there be no room for excuses. Let’s face the reality – one can give any excuse for not doing something. Excuse by definition means – allowing you not to do something that is usually required to be done. Once the excuse is out of the way – the required will be done!

Kindle the joy of success:

Remind yourself how happy you felt when you completed something – that feeling of fulfillment, success and happiness. Feel that joy within you. Feel all the good things that are going to happen once you complete task you have been postponing for so long. Enroll in the gym, update the CV, find that dance class or start giving your brilliant ideas concrete shape. There are so many good feelings for you to have – feel those, believe you can own those. Begin your work today!

Procrastination does not have to become permanent. BreakThe most important thing here is to recognize that you are procrastinating. Once you have recognized simply BREAK it 🙂