It works

I am currently working towards International Coach Certification. As a part of our curriculum we have to log practice hours as a coach. Friends and family is a great way to begin with. I thought why not experiment and Coach Thyself!

It’s been several months I have been trying to lose weight and have simply failed every attempt to do so. 10 days ago I decided to coach myself – I applied what I have learned so far (I am a month old in a six month program). The results I got are amazing and would love to share the comparison of old me vs. new me

Old Me: Every single day I would decide “from tomorrow” I will wake up early and exercise for an hour everyday; restrict sugar intake; stop eating fried stuff completely; switch to green tea; not eat out

What happened to old me? Day 1: Complete success. Day 2: Felt tired – Snoozed the alarm went back to sleep. I had not done the first thing on agenda (wake up early and exercise) so I would end up ditching the rest of it. I would feel like a failure for not waking up early and felt extremely annoyed with myself for not being able to stick to my plan. To make myself feel better I would indulge in – The hazelnut latte – I love it! “From tomorrow” I will have only green tea; will have one roti less; have only fruits as snacks and walk for 45 mins.

Observation of Old me: I did not clearly assess my current situation. I tried to make too many changes. I was harsh on myself

Result: No progress and only waves of procrastination. It was frustrating to make a new strategy every single day. I ended up feeling drained plus the scales refused to move!!

As a coach I asked myself: What is my current situation? What is my main goal? What is the first action I want to take towards my goal?

New Me: Honestly assessed where I was and where I want to be. My energy levels did not support 60 mins exercise and was low on self confidence. My main goal is to permanently loose 8 kgs in six months. The first thing I wanted was a routine that I could follow for at least a week to boost my confidence.

With this in mind the following action plan was made for one wee1256-Goals-1024x768k:

  • Walk 20 mins everyday ( no condition of timing)
  • Have one cup of green tea (not switching to it completely just yet but introducing it)

I also focused on concept of making choices. At the end of the day I would simply sit and recall all the choices I made – Gave “F” for choices made in favor of weight loss (the ultimate goal) and “A” for choices that went against my goal. As long as F’s outnumber the A’s I was fine.

Nothing more than this was to be done in Week One

With just this much I lost 0.65 kg in one week – PROGRESS FINALLY!! I finally feel confident that I will be able to shed off the rest and more importantly not bring it back on

Coaching works! This experiment revealed to me the following benefits of coaching:

  • I (the client) chose my own plan to reach my own goal
  • I (the coach) asked myself (the client) the right questions to help me (the client) come up with actionable items
  • I (the client) thought about my action items on one day and stuck to them for the rest of the week. I did not have to think and drain myself everyday as to what should be done
  • Concept of making choices: This worked on building my awareness but did not put pressure. For two days I reviewed my choices and by third day I was naturally making more choices in favor of my larger goal

Overall today I am feeling happy and motivated to march ahead in July 🙂

Watch out for my next blog where I discuss GOALS…my take