Coaching Title

My first exposure to coaching was in 10th standard Board Exams. Coaching classes was a way to better our understanding; get that extra edge. Coaching classes would facilitate test series which would help us better our exam skills by simply practicing more and help us discover our strengths and weaknesses before the real exam. The focus was more on practice exams rather than actual teaching and learning. Of course there were classes which did both – teaching and coaching. We also had concept of scholar’s batch – where the scholars were coached to go to the next level. We also had personal coaching classes where no more than 10-12 students got enrolled for getting personalized study and development plans…You get my point!

We easily associate the concept of coaching with academics or equally with sports. Always hear about highly paid sports coaches.

However the film Chak de! India made me realize how with proper coaching the team goes on to win the world championship and naturally Kabir Khan is my favourite coach. Kabir Khan did not teach players how to play hockey – he simply ensured that they do not lose focus of the goal (“no pun intended”).

In a similar way, Life coaches do not instruct clients on how to live better life – they simply ensure that client stays focused on their chosen path to achieve their chosen goals.

Coaching is a powerful process which is completely focused on the client and his goals – It helps the client build strategies and action plans based on the client’s current level of awareness to achieve the goal set out by them. Take the example of academic coaching classes – regular/personal/scholars – Students under each category get 100/100 but the coaching structure is designed to suit their existing level of commitment and understanding of the subject

Coaches make you accountable for your actions and are not your agony aunts. Coaching

They hear you out to help you create a strategy to take actions to fulfill your dreams. They look at your strengths as tools to be used to hammer the weaknesses.

Having a life coach is not a sign of weakness but a sign that you really want to achieve your dream and are ready to have a neutral third party help you get there.

A coach simply helps you navigate from where you are to where you want to be (much like the actual word coach!) in the shortest possible time.

Look out for my next blog – My experiment with coaching