4 ways a journal helps to TIDY up your endless thoughts!

As a solopreneur, I have constant flow of ideas and I admit it does get overwhelming at times. My pace of actions does not match my pace of ideas and it can get frustrating.

I found myself frustrated very often when I had started out because I wanted to try out everything at once! My excitement and enthusiasm would end up in frustration. That’s when I began journaling and found that my business improved 1.5 x in revenues and since there has been no looking back. I can’t even put a number on what journaling did for my mental peace.

Here are the 4 ways in which my journal allowed me to TIDY up my thoughts:

 T:  Tabulate thoughts as actions for a clear picture

Not every thought of mine is critical and not every idea needs to be executed right away. Aka not every thought needs to be an action! I am quite a visual person so I love Instagram and flipping through magazines. That gives birth to several thoughts/business ideas which are good to do but not always required to be executed immediately! My journal allowed me to tabulate my thoughts and helps me in indentifying my priorities for the month, week and day.  You can use this spread for your journal as well:

  Must Get Done

Good to Get Done

Purely random & only if time permits


This week


This month


This year


This Life



I: Identify thought patterns

I start my day with simply writing down my thoughts. Some are required to be converted to actions for which I use the table as mentioned above. Then some are purely feelings, wants, doubts, worries, wishes, desires, regrets, dreams, things/people from the past, things/people of the future – you get the drift. My thought pit (as I call it) gives me a chance to understand my own thought patterns. It shows me where I am stuck, what I really want,  what’s bothering me on a daily basis, what I need to let go of, where I need help, where I need advice etc. It brings clarity to what I should be working on.

To give you an example: it took me about three weeks to know the intensity of my regret simply if I woke up late – So now when the alarm rings, it becomes easier for me to simply wake up rather than snooze!

Identifying thought patterns allows me to take appropriate actions.

D: Diminishes disturbance while work

It’s difficult to address all the thoughts when they are floating in your head and at the same time difficult to ignore them. As the cliché goes, it’s not that you are lacking time, but you are getting distracted. There are plenty of distractions today and I do feel that more than anything else, our thoughts can make us go off track very quickly. My journal allows me to dump my thoughts and so throughout the day I am free to simply focus on work at hand. If I find myself scattered, I simply take my journal, write it out and get back to work that needs to be completed! My speed of getting things done has increased, not because I am working fast but simply because I now know what to do when I get clouded with distracting thoughts!

Y: You always find a safe space for your thoughts

I love connecting with people. Let’s face the fact everyone is becoming busier and not everyone has the time to listen to you. Everyone has different schedules and it does become increasingly difficult to find free time together! The best part about writing, it’s accessible to you as and when you need it. At times, I simply jot down on post-its and then stick them in my journal later. Your journal will not judge you for having whatever thoughts you are having and allows you to be completely you! It creates a safe space for you to clear your mind.

Journaling allows you to TIDY up your thoughts indeed!

Tidy up



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Jot down to clear your mind – 3 KEY reasons!

By keeping a journal, I found a place to clear my mind. Can you imagine walking all day with a 25 point business to-do list, 15 new ideas to try out, and 10 point home to-do list?

I found it to be a burden. I simply wanted a place where I could dump all that was in my head so that I could focus on what was at hand and yet not forget what needs to get done.

My journal offers me a place to clear my mind – simply by jotting down all that I have going on in my head, I create more headspace.

Here are the 3 KEY reasons why I like to JOT down things:

J – Jitters of forgetting are reduced

Have we not experienced this – we simply forgot! We knew something had to be done and yet it slipped off our mind! Forgetting is indeed part of human nature. As our lives are becoming increasingly complex, there is always a lot to be done. We are constantly juggling multiple responsibilities. Many a time we individuals are not as scared of the number of things to be done as scared as forgetting an important task. It’s amazing how your boss/wife/mother/professor will remember the one thing you forgot to do. It just casts a negative shadow on the zillion things which you managed to do efficiently. It’s just the way, the world works I guess! Jotting down things puts less stress on memory and the jitters of forgetting are reduced considerably.

O – Offers productive feel

Many of my clients who are in their initial phases of starting on their own and homemakers complain that their days go by rather busy and yet they don’t feel productive.  I admit I don’t get a productive feel on the days I simply doing research, that’s when I started writing it down – My task today is research! At the end of the day, did I perform the task – Yes and so comes the tick mark. That tick mark gives a solid feeling of productivity. Most of our work is virtual but our bodies are physical – The act of physically crossing something off the list indeed gives a sense of accomplishment! Jotting down offers that productive feel – you feel happy!

T – Time management becomes easier

There always is a lot to do.  The sheer volume of to –do thoughts makes us think that there is very little time. Once you transfer your to- do thoughts onto paper, it becomes easier for you to realize that not everything is super critical for the day. It becomes easier to categorize and prioritize tasks once they are on paper. You can manage your time and tasks in an efficient way. Jotting down things surely facilitates better time management!

Jot down


If you feeling a bit overwhelmed with the amount of work you have at hand, sign up for a Power of Journal – Success Strategy session. You pay only if you find value!


There are plenty of benefits of simply jotting down things and clearing your mind. The above mentioned are the three key reasons. Feel free to share why you feel jotting down is important. I look forward to your comments.



7 Reasons how your Business can benefit from JOURNAL writing…

My best business tool yet is my Bullet Journal!

When I first started on my own, a couple of years ago, I must admit it was exciting and overwhelming at the same time. I was free to do whatever I wanted, I was free to experiment with whatever I felt like – it was so liberating! Soon, I realized I just had toooo many ideas in my head and it was accompanied by impatience to try it all at once! My pace of work and my pace of ideas hardly every matched. This led to energy drain.

I needed something that would keep me focused, give me the freedom to think and help me get organized in my thoughts and actions. I went back to something that I used as a student – A Journal!

My Bullet Journal is my place of safety & security. It is that one place where I plan my actions; track my progress, list out ideas and simply feel good about myself.

Here are the 7 amazing benefits I experienced by keeping a bullet JOURNAL

J: Jotting down to clear mind

By keeping a journal, I found a place to clear my mind. Can you imagine walking all day with a 25 point business to-do list, 15 new ideas to try out, 10 point home to-do list? I found it to be a burden. I simply wanted a place where I could dump all that was in my head so that I could focus on what was at hand and yet not forget what needs to get done!

O: Organizing thoughts into categories to prioritize

Not every thought of mine is critical and not every idea needs to be executed right away. I am quite a visual person so I love Instagram and flipping through magazines. That gives birth to several thoughts & ideas which are good to do, but not always require immediate research & execution! My journal allowed me to categorize my thoughts and helped me in identifying my priorities for the month, week and day.

U: Understanding the best next step

As an entrepreneur, I always have several ideas in my head all the time. I get excited with actions that will probably be taken only a couple of years down the line. This can easily be a distraction.  My journal allows me to understand my next best step and simply focus on that!

R: Reviewing actions periodically

As an employee, I would have periodic reviews to check my progress. As an entrepreneur, I have the liberty that no one will track me! I was so wrong! My business increased at least 1.5 x ever since I installed a periodic action review system. My journal helps me to carry out an effective review of my actions. I stop doing what’s not working and keeping doing more of what’s working. Without a periodic review, one would not know what’s worth doing and what’s not.

N: Noting down ideas

It’s but natural to get ideas all day long. Ideas can be distracting. I can’t tell you the number of times; I stopped doing the task at hand to explore the effectiveness of an idea. That resulted in unnecessary delays and increase in overwhelm. Exploring an idea is certainly exciting but it does not give you that feeling of getting something done! My journal helps me to maintain an idea bank. When I get an idea, I simply jot it down in my journal and do not get distracted by it. I have scheduled in some time on a weekly basis where I simply explore ideas from my idea bank. Noting down ideas has helped me maintain focus on the task at hand and at the same time, there is no fear that I will forget it!

A: Allows creative me time

Journaling can be creative. You get to doodle, decorate, do art work – I find that my journal gives that creative “me” time. My journal allows me to express my thoughts, evaluate my progress and create vision boards in a fun and creative way – it just adds the zing to life!

L: Letting go of stress

When you are working alone and online, you will not have colleagues where you can simply vent it out. This can lead to stress. My journal has helped me let go of stress very nicely. Now, if anything stresses me out, I simply write it down and once it’s onto paper, I can work through it with greater clarity. Writing has often been recognized as therapeutic – It is indeed. My journal definitely helps me keep my stress at bay.


If you do not have a journal yet, I highly recommend getting one and get going.

A journal can help everyone – students, parents, teachers, professionals, artists, entrepreneurs.

The readymade planners did not connect with me, as I needed one that catered to my priorities. I am not overly artistic so do not spend hours decorating my journal. I use my journal to create results for me. Journaling improved my awareness and helped me in strategizing my actions.

If you are interested in starting a journal (or maybe you already do have one) and want to ensure it’s highly effective, I do offer a Journal to Create Results Strategy Session.

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ADOPT an attitude for learning – it helps in multiple ways!

As an entrepreneur one tends to get hyper focused on their business which is good but there is a fine line between being hyper focused and hyper obsessed.

How to identify that you are hyper obsessed? You will find yourself jumping from one strategy to other just because someone else got your desired results.  Your mail box will be full of free email newsletters. You will find yourself being jealous of someone else’s success. You will often find yourself thinking about how others are creating success versus thinking about how you will create your success.  You tend to become rigid and shut down new ideas. You will stop enjoying or indulging in smaller joys of life and find yourself doubting success, having more negative thoughts and look for ways of self sabotaging your success.

How to put an end to this kind of obsessive behavior? My recommendation is learn something new. When you learn something new, you develop qualities that you can then use in your own business. Sign up for a course to simply learn a new skill. Let me tell you how ADOPTing an attitude for learning something new helps:

A: Allows humility

When you learn something new from an expert, it allows humility. You start seeing others as experts in their field. When you struggle initially to learn something new and compare yourself with an expert, you will have respect for that person. Humility is a great entrepreneurial trait and you can develop that when you learn something new.

D: Develops patience

When you learn something new, you learn a very important lesson:

Do not compare your first day with someone else’s 100th day.

When you learn something new, you learn to develop patience. You understand that once you learn the process and technique of doing something and then practice that more, success is inevitable. All you need is the patience to do something with finesse. This quality of patience comes in handy when you are implementing new business strategies. You develop patience to wait for success versus obsessively running after it.

O: Opens your mind

When you learn something new from an expert, you adopt that expert’s way of doing things. You may have to set your ways aside and embrace a new way of doing something. This results in an open mind. When we are doing just our business, our thinking starts becoming a certain way and rigidity creeps in. This limits our creativity in the long run. To adopt something new, you have to be open to it. Maybe your business can do with a new process but because you have been so used to doing things a certain way, your mind is shut to new possibilities. When you learn something brand new, your mind becomes open to creative thinking. The more you learn new things; the more you learn to operate your brain in different ways!

P: Puts an end to monotony

Learning something new gives you access to new people, more knowledge and new experiences. It also helps you come out of your comfort zone and keeps your brain active. All these benefits put an end to the monotony which sets in when you stop learning new things. A sure way of refreshing yourself is to learn something new.

T: Triggers happiness & confidence

Learning something new leads to personal growth. The satisfaction of acquiring a new skill boosts one’s confidence. You feel happy when you get something right – learning something new will offer that opportunity to feel good.

Adopt a learning attitude

Set aside sometime every week for learning something new. It can be completely non-business related; I would in fact encourage non-business related learning. It’s refreshing for your brain. Learn a new language, practice a sport, learn painting, cooking, knitting, playing an instrument– the list is endless. Learning makes one confident and helps in adapting to new situations. ADOPT an attitude for learning today – learning is refreshing!



Do you ALIGN with your business?

You decided to start a business. You are super thrilled with your idea and the idea of freedom. You start researching. First place Google!

OMG! There is so much information out there about how to go about doing business. You get drowned in the six – figure mania, branding, social media marketing, manifesting your wealth, the magic formula for business success etc. etc. Your mail box starts getting flooded with numerous webinars and freebies. Months have passed and you really haven’t started started – you know what I mean.

Signs of misalignment begin when you start overthinking about what you should be doing. These things happen to those who do not align with their business. If you don’t have your strategy truly aligned with you, believe me you will only drown in the pool.

Of course you can hire experts, talk to mentors, hire coaches and have an excellent support team but if you are not willing to be true to you, you will end up feeling dissatisfied and eventually burn out. Your support team is for the “how to do”, “what to do next” and to keep you accountable. Your support team can get you results only if you truly align with your business.

How to know if you are truly ALIGNed with your business? Let’s find out. Here are 5 broad signs to check if you are ALIGned to your business:

A: Aim is owned

You are starting or doing a business because that’s what you want to do, not what your neighbors’ want you to do! Your business should be your aim.  It should not be borrowed from someone else. For that matter any goal you have, should be your own goal. When you completely own your aim and feel its right for you, that’s when you are aligned with your aim. If your aim is borrowed, you will feel like you are chasing something that’s not true to you. The quickest way of checking if your aim is owned or not is : Check your vocabulary does it have more of “I should be” or “I want to”?

L: Love your product/service.

You know you are aligned with your business, when you simply love promoting your product or service. It’s natural and it’s easy. I am not talking about sales methodology, it’s that inner feeling you have, when you speak about your product or service. There are some flamboyant salesmen who do not even believe in the product they sell and there are some who falter with their communication but love what they offer. So first things first – check if you would be a customer to the service or product you offer!

I: Inspires Action

Your business should inspire action. If you are delaying start or going to the next level, in short if you are procrastinating a lot check again if you are truly doing what you love to do. At times you may be required to learn a new skill and do some mundane tasks as well. If your business purpose is aligned with you, you will feel inspired to learn new skills and not feel overwhelmed. You will look forward to getting your hands dirty. You will be ready to do whatever it takes to get into action to move ahead.

G: Great feeling showing up

You know you are doing something aligned when you feel great by simply showing up. You are not worried about the results and sales. You are conscious of your business strategy and yet don’t get burdened if a strategy does not work out. You feel great showing up! You feel great in figuring out how to get what you want.

N: No Nervous swaying

When you are completely aligned with your business, the nervous swaying becomes almost zero. What do I mean by nervous swaying? It means falling for every freebie in the market, having your mail box crowded with newsletters etc. When you are truly aligned with your business you will find yourself focused on getting results. You will not look for magic beans. You will not jump from one free webinar to another. You will not sign up for every program that guarantees six figures. You will have the discipline to follow one strategy and take it to the finish. You trust yourself and your team. You are committed to execute the strategy true to you.

Are you ALIGNed_

When you align with your business, your determination and self confidence propel you to take the right decisions. You are able to filter out the noise in the market. There is no greater feeling than completely being aligned with your business!


When you work in alignment with who you are, it’s not work.
Lisa A. Mininni

If you are feeling bit misaligned lately, not to worry! I warmly invite you to a ALIGN your WHEELS business strategy session. Simply click here

5 things you can do to strengthen your INNER game

It can get lonely as a business owner, it can get overwhelming as a business owner. At times over-excitement leaves you exhausted and at times it can simply be too much as a business owner – to handle all these feelings one needs an amazing inner game. Your inner game will determine how you take success and rejection in your stride with comfort. If you find yourself, over – reacting and feeling dejected after a rejection, there are good chances your inner game is not as strong.

Here are 5 things you can do to have an amazing INNER game.

I – Intent connect

One of the basics of doing business is to simply show up – The more you find excuses to not show up, the more there are chances there will be no business to show up for. Just like household chores and the practicalities fizzle out the romance in a relationship, business activities too can get overwhelming and one starts struggling to show up consistently. All entrepreneurs who started their journey started because of a “why” – maybe it was financial independence, time independence, location independence, dream to create employment for others, providing the best service, selling a product that resolves a pain point. This “why”; this “intent” is the core reason why you would want to show up and perform. Like I mentioned, at times business activities can get overwhelming and we get disconnected with our “intent” or the “why”. Make some time everyday to connect with your intent.

N – No is at times more powerful than a Yes

Not all opportunities are equivalent and one must have the courage to say “No” to something that is a misfit with the core strategy. Do due diligence before saying a yes. Value yourself. I was approached by a magazine to write content for free. I had just started that time and I was so excited by the opportunity that someone wants me to write the content – Wo-hoo! I supplied articles on time at times sacrificing my blog schedule and get this I could not circulate my written work in my circle as the magazine put my articles in their paid section. I was disappointed. Their readership was also not great. From that day I put my due diligence in place and became wiser. I acknowledge opportunities and  I am comfortable to say No to something that is not the right fit with my core strategy.

N – Non-compromisable self-care

Often as work increases, and business scales an entrepreneur finds him/her in the state of “I am not as good as I used to be or I don’t get as much done these days or I feel more exhausted than enthusiastic”. The successful entrepreneurs, sport stars, performers, and leaders – all those who are at the top of their game have something in common – they have this non- compromisable self care routine. Some run, some follow a diet, some do yoga, some meditate, some do journaling, some paint, there are multiple options there – It does not have to be too long but it has to be non-compromisable. It should be something that you look forward to and something that allows you to get refreshed physically and mentally. If you don’t have a self care routine yet – today is the day – write down a self care routine you would love to have and simply follow it.

E – Embrace your uniqueness

Comparison is the worst evil. Each one is unique and it’s best to function with that uniqueness. Your product is unique, your service is unique and you are unique! Comparison causes overwhelm and embracing uniqueness leads to comfort and confidence. Entrepreneurship is about sustainability. Until you are comfortable in your skin, it’s going to be difficult to sustain – How long can you wear a mask? You know what’s unique about you, resolve to embrace your uniqueness.

R- Resilience

One of the core components of the inner game is resilience – the ability to bounce back and continuously adjust strategies to changing market conditions and note, even personal life. So many entrepreneurs began their journey with a particular product and ended up selling something completely different – they adjusted to the market conditions, they learnt a new skill if they had to. Many suffered a personal strategy when their business was just kicking off. They did not give up and were resilient in their efforts. One of the simple ways of building resilience is to simply show up every single day.

Working on our Inner work

I hope this article has given you a moment to strengthen your INNER work

Happy business everyone!

5 tips to get into spirit of SALES

Most of us find salesmen/women irritating when they come knocking on our doors.  We don’t like it when we get random sales calls. All these images that salesmen are annoying are so fixed in our head that we don’t like to do sales! We don’t want people to think we are annoying. We don’t want to be unwanted. You know what, the salesman who comes knocking on our door, does not knock only our door! He also ends up knocking on doors of his potential customers and makes sales!

Many business owners I speak to, find one task daunting – SALES

  • It’s scary
  • How can I show off my skills?
  • What if I get rejected?
  • What if I get misunderstood?
  • I love doing my business but I simply can’t sell.
  • What if I sound too salesy?

If you resonate with the above sentences, I am here for you. I understand that Sales can be an unpleasant task. I understand that by definition sales & marketing are different; for the sake of this article, I am using sales & marketing interchangeably at times. Do pardon me for that. I am sure you understand that the spirit of sales is what matters – and that’s essentially what I wish to address today.

Here are 5 things to remember to make you less resistant and get into the spirit of sales.

SStop equating sales with show-off

Sales is not showing off. I agree that there are some salesmen who are over the top; we don’t have to be them! We can be the ones who are not so salesy and yet do the job. The more you equate sales with show-off, there are more chances you create a barrier to even learn the art of selling. The more resistant you are to learn the art of sales, the farther away you are from business revenues.

AAll about communication

Sales is about communicating the value of your product or service. If you don’t communicate the value of your product or service – who will? Even if you rely on word of mouth – it can happen only when the first ever person got convinced about your service. You may have not directly sold to your first customer, but your actions and relations over time communicated your value to that first customer – it was an indirect sale. It was all about communication between you and your customer. Sales is all about how well you communicate – via words, actions & relations

LLet go of perfection & practice more

I have come across many who say; first, they will perfect the art of sales and then start selling. They spend a lot of money on several courses on mastering the art of sales and trying to be perfect and then entering the real world. They want to perfect several aspects of themselves before they can start selling. So here’s the thing – you cannot perfect swimming on the shore – best to do it in the water! Practice and get real-time feedback!

E Energy levels matter

If you are uncomfortable doing sales, it will show! That itself can be a turn-off for your potential customers. If you are overly salesy, it will show! That too can be a turn-off for your potential customers. Energy level matters when you are doing sales – it can’t be too much and it can’t be too low. Furthermore, your energy levels have to be true to you. Can you imagine a person who is normally enthusiastic suddenly being a bit low while selling – you will have doubts right? Imagine a person who is normally soft in conversations suddenly trying too hard while selling a product – a total turn off right? Be observant of the sales you close versus the sales you don’t – Find your optimal energy level.

SSolid relations and engaging conversations

Sales is not all about conversion all the time. It’s about building relations with your customers while communicating the value of your product or service.  Even if the customer does not buy at that time, don’t write him/her off. Be genuine in giving value to your customer and build a solid relation. They say business is all about relations and relations stem from good conversations. Engage in value conversations to build solid relations. They may pass on the information to someone else they know can benefit from the service/product. I have had clients come to me a year after their first initial conversation.

The spirit of Sales

Start treating sales as the art of communicating & standing out so that your ideal clients can easily find you. Happy SALES everyone!

Do let me know your thoughts on the same…


6 steps to help you take ACTION to fulfill your DREAMS!

Camera rolling, sound, and ACTION! – The shot is either okayed or re-shot – but you cannot shoot till you say ACTION! Notice that plan for the entire movie is ready but the ACTION is simply for the “current” shot.

How can we create our success stories without taking ACTION? We don’t have to make everything happen all at once but we can surely do it one action step at a time.

The sequence for bringing about a change in business or in general overall life can be written as follows:

Existing Reality – Dream – Goal – Plan – Action –New Reality

Most do very well with dreaming, goal setting, and planning and fail at the last critical stage of “action” – the very last bit which converts our existing reality to a new one.

This is probably because at this stage, we are directly in face of reality and it can go either way – success or failure. If it’s a success yay! And what if it’s a failure? Pondering over this question prevents many from taking that critical step – ACTION. The other thing that stops many from taking action is they picture doing the entire movie in one shot! Movies are shot in scenes – and in the end, all comes together.

If you are struggling to take action, I am here to say let’s do it step by step and make the process less overwhelming. Here are the 6 steps you can do to take ACTION

A – Ascertain your next rational goal

The dream is the end point; your current reality is the starting point. Assessing your current reality accurately will allow you to think rationally about your next real goal.

E.g. If your cup-cakes are currently generating $3000 per month in sales and your dream is $1 million – what would be your rational next goal -$10,000 per month or $75,000 per month? Both targets fine, but both targets will require different thinking, strategy, resources, execution – What suits you today?

It’s not about what you ideally wish to do or ideally should be doing; it is about what you can rationally do next. What aligns with you?

C –  Chart out the details

Once you ascertain the next goal/landmark, chart out the details of the next steps. Get into as much detail as possible. E.g. Instead of saying contact vendors, write down – Sending an email to Mr. ABC to discuss xyz.

T  –  Timelines of the steps

Once the details of your action steps are ready, schedule them on your calendar. If the steps are not scheduled on the calendar, you run the risk of missing out or not doing. For e.g. it is good that you are sending an email to Mr. ABC regarding supplies –when? Schedule it on your calendar.

I  –  Identify potential distractions

This is something I have done on a regular basis, identifying potential distractions. It allows me to have a plan for at least the things I can think of! What can be a distraction that will stop you from sending that email? It could be simply that there are multiple windows/tabs open and you get lost in net surfing – What’s your plan around this? What will you say to yourself? Think of the things in the past that kept you from things that you intended to do. How will you ensure the same does not happen? That is a good starting point.

O –  Oblige what’s on your calendar

You have thought of your next goal, charted out the next action steps, scheduled them on the calendar and even identified the potential distractions and have a workaround them – now what? Well, simply oblige what’s on your calendar – Treat items on your calendar as non- negotiable. Get them done when they pop up. I have seen many individuals play around with their calendar. I used to do the same. The day I started treating my calendar as non-negotiable, I started getting more things done. Success was a flow and not a struggle anymore. I understand that a client may cancel or reschedule, that is fine and one will be flexible for that. Be non-negotiable with things that 100% solely rely on your effort. Once it’s on the calendar, it’s non –negotiable and you simply ought to do it.

N – Note the feedback

The last key is treating everything as feedback and not as success or failure. Once you oblige what’s on the calendar, whatever happens, post that is simply feedback of what’s working for you and what’ not. Keep doing more of what’s working for you and work around what’s not working for you. Note the feedback and alter your next steps accordingly.

Ready to take action_

A Plan without action is merely a goal; a goal without timelines is merely a dream; a dream is merely a new reality distant from the current one. Let’s get into action every day for the magic to unfold and make the dreams our a reality!

Do share your thoughts on this…


How I used sticky-notes to go from I don’t have time to I HAVE time…

If you are anything like me, you would have questioned: “Where does all the time go???” –  Several months ago – I was fighting a battle against time, I simply found myself saying “I don’t have time” all the time – Where did all my time go?

I would read out my to-do list as follows: I have to work on website, I have to call vendors, I have to schedule meeting with JV partner, I have to call my mom, I have to go for yoga and I have to cook dinner – all in the same breath – just imagine I was saying something as relaxing as yoga and something as tedious as scheduling the meeting in the same breath – I was sure I was missing out on something.

I was kind of becoming anti to-do list person – I would feel burdened with my to-do list instead of feeling relaxed – As in something that helps you manage your time better should make you feel stress-free right?

One day I simply decided to streamline things and Voila, I came up with a system that required just 5 sticky notes, to begin with, and now I use only 4 – Who would have thought just 4 sticky notes could make this transformation of no time to I HAVE time!

Read on to find out more….

Step 1: From Mind to Paper – The good old To-Do List

Write down all that needs to be done. Think of everything – bills to be paid, calls to be made, projects to be done, meetings to be scheduled, gym class, painting class – every single thing that’s occupying your head space simply empty it onto paper

Step 2: Convert your to-do list into I HAVE time – Seriously, I m not joking!

Your starting point is the to-do list. Now simply go through your to –do list and categorize the items as follows:

Have to get it done:

These are the activities you must get done or a great deal of discomfort may be caused to you and to those around you. Not doing these activities will typically leave you stressed out! Schedule them on your calendar right away

Alterations can be made:

See if there are any items on your to-do list where alterations can be made. Maybe the activities can be delegated or there is a more efficient way of doing it. Example groceries can be done online, kids can be car pooled, dinner can be take-away or be a simple recipe, maybe someone with spare capacity can help you out with a project – You get my point.

Veto for today:

Search your to-do list for activities that need not be done today at all. For example, yes the idea of re-doing the garden is nice – but does it really have to be done today? You wish to change the curtains of the house – will it be done today? Is doing the groceries critical today or can it later? Is having the meeting with the vendor critical today or can be scheduled for next week? You get the drift!


These are what I call – simply love to do activities. These activities make life fun and stress-free. Calling your friends/parents/family, going for a walk, painting, cleaning for some, cooking for some, are activities which energize you or refresh you. Yoga and cooking were my Energizers and yet I put them on the “to-Do” list – and it just felt like more work.

When you see your time represented this way, you will always feel you HAVE time.

ave to do else havoc is created

The truth is I got habituated to saying everything as a to-do list and did not even realize, there are many things in the day I was doing because I love doing them – If I love doing them – why was I complaining about them taking up so much time??? Worth a thought!

I don’t have time is a lame excuse – the truth is we all have the same number of hours at our disposal every single day – It’s just that we at times we put a priority on all those items, which at the end of the day, are completely avoidable.

Busyness leaves us feeling “I have no time!”, look carefully we do manage to do a lot, it’s just that we have forgotten that many activities we do out of love and care – and they are not  to-do things, they are love to do things!

This system will help you prioritize and represent your day better. I have reached a point where I don’t even need a to-do list – I simply list them out as I H-A-V-E time and yes that makes a huge difference in life!

Initially I used post-its (given I am a stationery freak!) but today since I work mostly online, I use the sticky notes app on my desktop and have fun alternating between different tasks.

So what do you think? Let me know if you end up trying this or have a time saving tip of your own.


Are you thriving as an online solo business owner – or as they say online solopreneur?

Starting your own online business is super exciting & fun – Just imagine you are no longer tied to fixed hours and commute. You don’t have to clock in “x” hours to show that you are good at your work. You don’t have to deal with a manager or a boss who simply refuses to understand you. You don’t have to sell to clients to meet sales targets. You can sip coffee all day. You can give time to your family on demand. You can work from your cozy home in comfy sweatpants.  Work only 10 hours a week and earn a six-figure salary!

The above paragraph can be written only by someone who is not doing an online business.

Many get lured into starting their online business by the claims mentioned above and then find themselves lost, broke and contemplating whether leaving the job was a right decision. Some start finding stark differences between their business plan on paper and business action in reality and begin pondering if they truly have it in them to be a thriving business owner. There are a few who absolutely nail and make the first Para a reality – They are what I call Thriving business owners!

Here’s what can be done to THRIVE in your business –

T – Time Management

If you don’t map your time properly – you could find yourself all over the place. There is always a lot to be done when you are starting on your own – content writing, invoicing, marketing, sales call – If you miss out on mapping your time efficiently you will find time leaking on social media, signing up for all the courses which promise you better lifestyle etc. etc. etc. As a business owner the one free resource you have at your disposal is Time – Invest it wisely!

H – Have to get into Action

A lovely business plan on paper is of no good if it does not convert to reality. There is a saying action speaks louder than words. You can think all that you want; it will go waste if it’s not followed by action. Many love the planning phase – well obviously, as planning creates possibilities and fail to get into action because from where to start? What if your preparation isn’t perfect? Getting into action can feel bit daunting – as it makes you vulnerable to reality – Do it anyway – Action will take you closer to your dream, dreaming can eat into your action time.

R – Rise above sales resistance

If you equate sales with show-off, then being a solopreneur will be tough on you. If you don’t communicate what you offer, how will your clients find you?  I have met many business owners who find doing sales the scariest part of their job. There is an art of doing sales and you only become better with practice. Check yourself today – do you resist sales? If yes, then what’s the worst part about it? How can you overcome that?

I – Inner Strength

Extending on the sales resistance, entrepreneurs require a different mindset. It can get lonely as a business owner, it can get overwhelming as a business owner,  at times over-excitement leaves you exhausted and at times it can simply be too much as a business owner – to handle all these feelings one needs a strong inner game. Your inner game will determine how you take success and rejection in your stride with comfort. If you find yourself, over – reacting and feeling dejected after a rejection, there are good chances your inner game is not as strong.

V – Vow to align with yourself

You don’t have to try every method of creating more clients, sales and doing business that is available in the market. If Facebook makes you uncomfortable and LinkedIn is comfortable stick to that or vice versa. You have to have one which is true to you. If you are not feeling comfortable doing your business, there is some misalignment. Vow to align with your true self. Your business strategy should resonate with you.

E – Embrace Learning

Set aside sometime every week for learning something new. It can be completely non-business related; I would, in fact, encourage non-business related learning. It’s refreshing for your brain. Learn a new language, practice a sport, learn painting, cooking, knitting, playing an instrument– the list is endless. Learning makes one confident and helps in adapting to new situations. Give it a try – learning is refreshing!

Happy business everyone! Let’s THRIVE as a business owner from today…

Let's THRIVE as a solopreneur!

Who am I?

I am a Personal Success Coach for Entrepreneurs and I help reduce business overwhelm ( yes business can get overwhelming) by converting big visions into smaller manageable doable tasks and ensuring follow through so that you feel clearer, fearless and confident as a business owner! Just as little drops of water make the ocean – small steps make a leap – hence the name of my company is 1step2leap!

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